Painting the Color Wheel

For several days, B has been asking if she could paint something. This isn't a normal request from her as she is usually too busy to sit still that long - she is our on-the-move girl for the most part. After several days of this request, we set aside some time on Wednesday morning to get our paints out and play for a bit. This is one of those things that I don't do near enough of with my girls. While I'm a crafty person, I'm not a messy crafter. : ) Combine that with a boy that climbs on everything, I was hoping the painting request would fade into the background.

However, on Wednesday the boy went down for his morning nap and while I was debating going ahead and starting our book/unit study on Ben Franklin, I realized that there was no good reason not to get out a painting project and have a little fun. I recently purchased an e-magazine from Hearts and Trees all about color. I'd heard great things about her art kits in the past, but had never purchased one, and when I saw she had moved to an e-magazine format, I decided to try it.


I printed out a page with color wheel flashcards on it and gathered what paint I had in the primary colors. (Note to self: restock yellow and blue!) T recently replaced my cookie sheets for my birthday and I had the fleeting thought that the old ones would make great pans to paint in for art so we dug those out as well.


My artistic one LOVED this project. We started out painting the three primary colors.



After we painting our primary colors, we swirled the edges of the paint together to show how secondary colors were made. (This photo of the colors makes me happy).


Concentrating hard on staying between the lines.



I know this is blurry, but I am a BIG fan of her big chocolate eyes. She was SO happy we were painting.



The colors above and below were all made with just the three primary colors and they girls loved seeing them emerge as we mixed!



By the time, we got to the tertiary colors (blending secondary colors with primary colors) I was busy helping so no more pictures of painting in progress. However, I thought their finished works turned out pretty great!

DSC_3714 DSC_3716 DSC_3715

It was a relaxed morning for us enjoying each other and being creatively. (Although, mamas know that it's never really relaxing with paint out, but you understand what I mean!) : ) This is one way in which I'm trying to be more present and all here with my family this year so I think we're off to a pretty good start.


  1. This is wonderful, Stephanie! My girls would love doing this! Did you buy the whole Hearts & Trees kit? I've been meaning to do that, but so far my thinking about it and having the money in our school account haven't occurred simultaneously. ;-)

    1. No, this was just the e-magazine. I’ve never bought one of their kits – same as you, either the budget has been spent elsewhere or I get sidetracked and forget about it. This was her first edition of the e-mag and it was only $3 so if you want to try it out, it’s a win-win situation in my opinion. : )

  2. So fun! Paint is one of those things I avoid at all cost. That and glitter {shutter}. I applaud your courage to risk the mess and have fun!!

    1. No glitter here either! : ) And if so, it needs to be an outside activity. : )

  3. The child of mine that is kindred spirit to yours was recently asking to paint as well!! He was so happy that we did. I keep in my mind that a fellow mom once said -- that the children love projects -- the moms not-so-much. But every once in awhile we ROCK it out like you did here.

    Oh...and glitter...those glitter glue pens are definitely the way to go on that.

  4. We love paint in our house. I can't begin to tally the amount of watercolor and tempura we go through. We don't however currently have a little one running around. :-) Lord willing.....
    After reading this post I "ran" over and bought the e-mag. I have one that is a budding artist (or wants to be) and another that has little interest in the whole affair. Emma is always drawing, coloring, painting, telling me she wants to be an artist. Jonathan, well...he just scribbles the picture. He could care less. His mind is on drawing an erupting volcano or making a seismograph "print out". Have you seen See the Light Art Class? It's more than we've had since I found it in Sept. but it is on my "add to cirriculum" list for this next year.
    I watched a couple online videos and found myself getting excited about drawing.

  5. We just did color wheels too although yours are better than ours. :)


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