December Daily // 27-31

Here are the last few shots of this year's December Daily.

December 27:



December 28:


December 29: this page is a little different for a few reasons.

1. I didn't really have a picture or holiday moment captured by camera for the 29th.
2. My number "29" that came with my Elle's Studio kit was chewed on by the baby. Seriously. Ooops. : )
3. I needed a place to insert our Christmas card so this is where it went.

Ergo. No Day 29 in the album. : )


The left page is a red envelope that I tucked a small journaling card in with notes on our cards this year.


In between the envelope and the card is a transparency that came with my album.


December 30: The number isn't attached to the page. I couldn't decide where to put it on the page, so I just didn't. : )


Minus the number 30.


December 31:


The back.


Thus wraps up another December Daily. It's now in my mini-album basket to be brought back down next December and remembered, and all my Christmas scrapbook items have been packed away until next year. A few thoughts that have run through my head as I've wrapped this up:

- this was totally doable alongside Project Life. Some days the photo was duplicated, but the journaling had a different spin depending on which album it was going into.
- I loved this little album from Elise Blaha. I loved that it was 4x6 and I could just punch my pictures and insert them if I wanted to. Occasionally I struggled to figure out where to put my journaling, but it wasn't a big deal. If I go with this album size again next year (highly likely) I will add more pages in for writing and up my binder ring sizes so everything fits.
- The splurge on buying the Elle's Studio Christmas kit was totally worth it. All my numbers were there for me, as were some journaling spots, banners, glitter alphabet stickers, and fun Christmas scrapbook paper. I still have about half the product from the kit left and I've tucked it away for next year and will hopefully add a 2012 kit from Elle to restock it.

Thanks for reading along with this year's December Daily. Next week, it's back to normal Project Life posts and I'm really looking forward to breaking out my Clementine kit and getting to work.

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  1. Love how the album turned out!!

  2. Love looking at your albums! They always make me wish I was a scrapper. :)

  3. I SUBTLY GET A MENTION IN YOUR DAILY JOURNAL! ;D (I flatter myself. ;) (I have that same edition of The Story Girl.)


  4. Love your last page (salad + L.M. Montgomery means January's on its way)! I think I could do this next year! :-). (P.S. I worked on my PL yesterday & today and I LOVE it! I can't wait to share!)


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