December Daily // December 6 - 12, minus 11

December 5th and 6th below ...

On the 6th, I let the girls go to town and make a bunch of pretzel hugs for them to give their Awana leaders. This treat is fabulous. It's super yummy, and with the exception of the oven, they can pretty much make these on their own. I also made a batch using rolos and pecans. My new favorite.


Up close.


I combined the 7th's and 8th's journaling since it was all about the same event. Girl Scout Christmas cookie decorating!



December 9 & 10.


On the 9th, we have another example of the flexibility needed at this time of year. Instead of taking the kids to our Friday Bible study and their Christmas program there, I sent the little girls with my best friend, and took the oldest and youngest to the pediatrician's for a strep test on N1. Thankfully we caught it quick - she's super sensitive to strep and catches it if you look at her funny and are even thinking about strep. Well, not really, but about like that it seems. : ) Pediatrician's + Walmart for meds and popsicles and we were back home in time to great the returning Christmas program performers. N1 is wrapped up in a giant blanket in the cart because she was freezing and the baby is chewing on my key ring in the front of the cart. How's this for real life? : )


December 10th was the final rehearsal for the girls' choir program. N1 didn't get to go - she needed some more antibiotics in her system before being out. The little girls were and they! got! to! sing! on! stage! Very exciting stuff if you are four years old. : )


There's a gap here for December 11 ... waiting on some pics from my Dad and his super-duper camera for that layout.

Moving on to December 12. Played with some of my Elle's Studio tags here. I didn't really want a whole page to journal on, but didn't want to cover my picture up either. I ended up just punching a few holes and adding the tags that way.




December 13: Yes, I've already scrapped today. I had the photo and a few minutes this afternoon and went to work. Super simple with a couple little tags slapped down in my album with some journaling. (The photo of the boxes is glued to the back of the picture of the coffee.)


Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a good week. : ) We are grinding our way through this last week of school before our Christmas break begins next week. Two more days at home, and then Friday is a Friday Fun School day with some extra family friends joining us. I had thought that we had knocked out most of our big Christmas season events last week, but when I turned the page in my calendar I was kinda in for a shock at how busy THIS week is. A wee bit overwhelmed. Funny, how when I take 10-15 minutes to craft a day, that makes me so much more productive with the rest of time. Hmmm. : )


  1. I think I need to try that productivity hint and see if it works for me! ;-)

    Love it!


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