December Daily // December 16-18

December 16: our last Friday Fun School of the year, complete with extra friends, lots of playtime, performances from the little girls directed by the big girls, yummy lunch and conversation between mamas, and completely forgetting/running out of time to do our story and craft because there was so much fun going on.


December 17: N1 had the opportunity to go to a special holiday concert with her Girl Scout troop and afterwards there was time to try out some of the instruments. She came home and asked for a cello for Christmas. : )


December 18: documenting our Christmas movies, something I don't think that I've done in any of my previous December Daily albums. I love Christmas movies and we only get ours out at Christmas time. I included some thoughts on this tradition, plus a list of the Christmas movies that we have on the back of the library card.


T and I also enjoy watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy in December ... makes for inexpensive stay-at-home date nights after the kids go to bed. Granted, I can't stay awake as late as I used to and that means that we can make the movies last even more nights as we usually end up watching one movie over the course of several evenings. : ) I've already mentioned to him that when The Hobbit comes out next Christmas in the theater we need to add that to our Christmas to-do list. : )




  1. I love it! (Have I said that before?). I took my girls to the local symphony's Christmas concert. I'm quite taken with the cello, too! We really need to make time for more Christmas movies around here!


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