Project Life Update // Thanksgiving Week

Our Thanksgiving week was not really what I had planned and this week's Project Life reflects that. We had a sick sick T here that week (thankfully no one else caught it!) but there's no shot of everyone around the table on Thanksgiving day or too many fun group family activities. There was a lot of movie watching and resting though!


The left side:

  • a photo my Dad took posted to Facebook of a beautiful bird (my Dad is a great photographer so I jumped on the opportunity to include one of his pictures in my album; 
  • a photo of B after the last of her dental work ... it wiped her out and she slept most of the morning away in the school room. (Coincidentally - or not - the other girls and I got school done in record time that morning!) : )
  • brushing the boy's teeth for the first time (N1 took this picture)


I glued a little note from N2 on the title card for the week.


The right side:

  • I mentioned lots of movies this week while Daddy was sick. This movie is actually going in someone's stocking, but we unashamedly (and secretively) pulled it out and watched it. It was good for a couple of hours of quiet one evening.
  • My turkey. The second one that I've ever cooked so it had to be documented.
  • We enjoyed a second Thanksgiving lunch with my family on Friday. All except T who stayed home, still not feeling great. They had some great leaves at their house and the kids wore themselves out playing in them before and after lunch.
  • Four photos of the boy taped together with washi tape documenting his love for his blanket. My Mom has made each of my kids a blanket when they were born and for both N2 and the boy it has been their comfort thing that they have to have. I try and keep it in his bed for most of the day, but if it's out, he has a need to go and waller around on it and "check" on it. Adorable.



There is an 8 1/2 x 11 insert again for this week. A woman at church shared during our Thanksgiving service an amazing testimony of thanks during some recent heart surgery and then send it to our body by email. It was worth printing and adding to the album. On the back is an email from the same woman about our B. She's had a sweet interaction with her on that Sunday (she's B's Sunday School teacher and has been very missed as she has been out of the class for several weeks recovering). Another item worthy of the PL binder.

I'm already getting excited about Project Life for 2012! I saw yesterday that the 2012 kits have arrived at Amazon and I've got my eye on the Clementine core kit and binder for next year. Are you are planning a Project Life project for next year? Do share if you are!


  1. I love it! I've got my eye in a little photo printer and I'm thinking about giving this another go traditionally instead of digitally. Do you work on your pages all week or all at one time?

  2. Love that you keep it simple! We also did thankful leaves for Thanksgiving! I am doing make-up work for 2011 PL and im SO excited to start fresh for 2012!

  3. Well, being sick isn't really fun. Esp. not on a holiday! But it sounds like you had some quality family time together to include in your album! I LOVE the little note from your daughter you put in there. That's a keeper, to be sure!


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