December Daily 19 - 22

A few December Daily pages...

December 19: Date night. There was Italian food, Irish reels, Christmas carols, no cell service at the symphony hall, and a babysitter. You really can't top a night like that.

Up close. Glitter letters from the alphabet set that came with my Elle's Studio Christmas kit.


The right page is from the front of the program. There were people taking (non-flash) photos there, but I decided not to pull my camera out and just enjoy the evening.


December 20: A fun little "currently" form from this blog that I filled out today and included in the album. I would love to fill one of these out for everyone in the family and may work towards adding a few more of these today as I can snag munchkins to sit a second and help me fill it out. : ) The right picture is one I snapped from our Community Group Christmas get-together.





December 21: We had a low-key day today. My nephew was over and I threw all the kids outside for the morning. There was a promise of the Christmas movie after lunch, but it was cool and sunny all morning and they desperately needed air and exercise. : )


The boy LOVES it when his big sissy gives him a ride on the tricycle. She balances him on the seat and sits behind and pedals.


December 22: There has been much crafting the last few days. T and N1 went to Michael's and scored on a bunch of little craft kits and the girls have taken turns at the counter and worked on gifts for cousins.


Happy Christmas Eve Eve. We have the cousin here for 1/2 a day (they are currently playing Uno quietly up in the school room - a Christmas miracle!) and then we are going to load up and go visit Daddy at his office before he is off for the long Christmas weekend. We have little girls getting very very excited about Christmas at our house!


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