Project Life // November 27-December 3 and December 4-11

Yesterday we took an impromptu trip to the zoo. Mama needed Vitamin D and a diet coke and it was the only day we have forecast for a while without winter rain so we jumped on it. We stayed a couple hours, had lunch, and had a great time burning off some energy for all of us. Even though my to-do list at home is LONG and, by taking time off to take the munchkins to the zoo meant that I needed to say no to a women's church event last night, it was worth it.

I thought I'd share the last two weeks of Project Life that I've caught up - the end of November and the beginning of December. Some of the pictures are a bit dark for which I apologize ... I have to take my photo time when I can get it when the munchkins are otherwise occupied and it was getting dark outside my favorite window. (You can click any picture to see it larger in Flickr).


The left side of November 27-December 3.

  • A shot of our Jesse tree with it's first ornament.
  • another N2 note
  • a picture of the boy on TOP of our school table. Seriously.
  • the far right journaling slot has this week's grocery list tucked in there.


The right side includes:

  • N1 making (finishing) lunch one day.
  • the boy reading his favorite book (Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? with little flaps that move)
  • a photo with some notes from our Friday Fun School
  • a photo of the the boys in my Sunday School class at our program rehearsal. (My nephew is the shepherd on the right). Whoever thought up letting the 1st grade boys be the ones with the staffs ... I would like to speak with them! : )


Up close:


A shot of some of the journaling spots: a pic from my phone of text between myself and my best friend. Too funny not to include. : ) A few notes on the boy.


I love this card that I did of my niece who turned 14 last week. How is that possible?


Close up of our Friday Fun School notes.


December 4-10:


On the left:
  • a photo of us getting ready before church. I *love* this picture. N1 was playing with my camera while I was fixing hair and while the mouthwash is more in focus that we are, it is real life!
  • T playing guitar in the Christmas program. (Note that this is Monday's slot - I didn't take a picture Monday but had plenty of choices from Sunday to include so I did).
  • The bottom right is a couple photos spliced together of the boy opening doors from this post.

In the journal card space I have another photo, cut in half to make it fit. T has been doing a LOT of reading and studying for a Sunday School class he is teaching in January on Job. I wanted to capture the stack of books that he is studying through that sit by his chair.


The right side:
  • B playing in the boy's room. She was so focused.
  • A window pane snowman drawn in the condensation. : )
  • The tale of our Friday (this was also in my December Daily album).
  • A photo from the little girls' choir rehearsal.


Off to get our Thursday started. Today is our last day of "official school" before Christmas break although I have plans to sneak a few things in over the next two weeks. : ) As much as I'm ready for the break, there is a little part of my mind that is thinking ahead to January and some new things we are starting then and that is getting me excited!


  1. I love it! I'm thinking this truly is the best kind of week-in-review of all! I'm still contemplating my printer purchase. . .


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