Christmas Recap

A little Christmas recap from the last few days. As with Thanksgiving, our family plans fluctuated back and forth until everything actually happened. We ended up having a fun Christmas Eve Eve evening with just our crew here at home. I had planned some appetizer-y things for dinner at some point last weekend and I broke it all out on Friday night to go with our Family Movie Night pick of the week. Smurfs. (It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Almost cute in fact. But not cute enough that I wish I had put it in someone's stocking).

Our menu: pigs in a blanket, hot ham and cheese sandwiches, homemade cream cheese apple dip, and chocolate chip cookie dough dip. The apple dip will definitely be made again; the cookie dough dip was SUPER rich. Delicious but almost sickeningly sweet. Good in very small quantities.


Christmas Eve boy shot. He is becoming increasingly hard to photograph. So much movement.


The uncle. Always a good sport.


Grandpa and the boy. Waiting for stockings to open.


The boy didn't really get why he was supposed to put his hand in a long, dark, sock-like hole, but he went along with it with a little help.


Gift success this year - matching Wonder Woman jammies for my sister and niece. Score. : )


N1 got a game of Monopoly from the neighbors. She, N2 and her Daddy have now been playing the same game for three days. Truly, the gift that keeps on giving. I think there is hope they might finish the game today.


My shiny new popcorn popper. The old one was broken, but I kept holding it together because once you switch to stove-top popcorn you can't go back to microwave.



New scooters. Plus four kids sporting their "cool" faces. Hee.


Christmas lunch. A feast. My mom's chicken enchiladas and Mexican dip. (The hot dogs to the side were for the boy.)


Such a good Christmas.



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