Out with the Old ... Project Life 2011 is a Wrap

Happy 2012!

We had a great low-key holiday weekend at our house that included, but was not limited to: a huge Walmart run to restock the pantry, taking down the Christmas decorations, celebration of my birthday AND my best friend's birthday (same day) combined with a kid-friendly New Year's Eve party that ending shortly after 9 pm, starting our new year off with church, family birthday party, and so on.


I had every intention of hitting the ground running this morning with some new plans and ideas for kicking off our school day in a timely manner ... and somehow managed to miss that T had the day off. Normally if he's home, I like to take the day off, too, if we can. We went ahead and did school, he ran some errands, and now he's got all the girls out on a hike while I do some laundry and hang with the boy. Works for me. : )

On Sunday afternoon, I managed to steal a few minutes and wrap up my 2011 Project Life album. It's now downstairs with my other scrapbooks waiting for little eyes to peruse it. I finished last week's pages (December 25-31) and then, after the girls were in bed, I flipped through the book and filled in the odd journaling page here and there that I had missed. I hadn't journaled our August trip to Chattanooga, and the week that the boy was super sick with croup was somehow strikingly empty of information, so those needed attention.

Here is December 18-24:

Left side:

  • date card embellished with a reindeer that one of the girls brought home from church I think?
  • random Sunday photos
  • a photo taken before the Christmas concert T and I attended (blogged more in this December Daily post)
  • a photo of the boy with a buddy from church



The right side:

  • day one of the nephew over during his Christmas break. He had never seen Elf before so we had an afternoon popcorn and movie.
  • crafting
  • one of the yummies that I made on Christmas Eve Eve for our Friday family movie night. 
  • a collage of photos from Christmas Eve - the card on the end lists some numbered details. I just found these cool numbers in last year's project life box tucked in with some other pages. Very cool. 


A few closeups...



Week of December 25-31 nicely laid out on the kitchen counter. My photo location always changes depending on when I'm taking pictures and where the sunlight is. : )

Also, worth pointing out on this page, is all the pictures of the ADULTS in our family for a change. Four pictures of T (includes the little journaling card collage) and even one of me!


On the left:

  • on the date card: the one shot of all four, attired in Christmas pj's from my parents
  • Christmas Day scooters - our gift to all the kids between the age of 2 and 10. : )
  • T spent Monday inventorying my pots and pans. For my birthday this year, he worked towards replacing a lot of my kitchen pieces. The pans that I had were ones that my mom got when she got married and some were not in good shape.
  • Another day with Daddy - we have really enjoyed all the time off he had this December!


On the right:

  • testing out one of the pans he picked out.
  • the boy eating blueberries. It was a little shocking how fast he polished them all off, but it was totally worth it. The boy loves his berries.
  • birthday goodies.
  • my best friend and me on our birthday ... a quick photo taken as we were heading out the door. Next time, make a note to take it first thing so we don't look as tired in the photo! : )


The boy's eyes in this picture kill me.


Christmas munchkins.


The journaling card holds a little photo collage made in Picframe and run through Instagram.



Closing the book on a wonderful year full of much blessing for our family.


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Thanks for your response the other day...I ordered the project pack and a pack of sleeves to get started! Unfortunately it won't be here until next week so I am keeping some shorthand notes on a legal pad and taking pics until it does.
    Here's to starting!
    And happy late birthday!!!

  2. I think it's gorgeous.

  3. Wonderful, Stephanie! Pic frame? This is an iPhone App, right?

    I'm do excited about doing this this year!

  4. @Amy - yes, it's an iPhone app!

    @Dana - thank you! : ) Can't wait to hear how your PL goes.

  5. I also didn't realize my hubby had the day after New Year's off. It threw a kink in my well-layed plans. Oh well! :)


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