Currently :: Late February 2012

Weathering: sunny and 50's. Yesterday we had huge, gorgeous flurries during church and today it is spring-like. Winter is messing with me.

Wearing: grey cargo pants from Old Navy and a red long-sleeved t-shirt.

Listening: Little girls are playing paper dolls in their bedroom. (N2 just told B that she needs to organize her stuff. Ha. So true). : )

Watching: Nothing exciting enough to mention here! I've actually been doing more...

Reading: I just finished Running Away to Home, and plan to blog it later this week for the February Reading to Know bookclub. My February reading goals were to read (and finish) both that and The Core by Leigh Bortin, which I've also completed. Yay me. : ) I am a few chapters into Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick. This week's goals are to make a few March reading goals for, both for me and for N1.

Drinking: coffee.

Eating: healthy. I'm back on the healthy eating band wagon and so far, so good. Even with the arrival of ALL of N1's girl scout cookie orders that sat in my house for a week before we could deliver them (including our own family boxes of cookies), I was good. Praying this continues!


Salmon recipes? This was okay, but not great. (Not enough flavor for us). If you have a good salmon recipe, please share!

Inspiring: I've been perusing the archives at a couple favorite blogs of late, looking for book ideas, thoughts on schedules and routines. Helping me cement a few ideas in my mind for the next several weeks that I want to try.

Surfing: Charlotte Mason Help, Ambleside Online, and In the Midst of It and generating lots of book lists for the coming days / months / year. It's that time of the year where I start getting a little itchy to think about next year's school. I can't help it. : )

Wishing: More like praying for family friends who are at the bedside of a loved one waiting.

Thinking: on books, a reading list for Mama, summer plans, our daily schedule, lists, and etc. We took Friday and today off of school and it has been a much needed break for us. Barring any surprise days off due to illness or other unexpected activities, our next break is spring break! At last check on our school calendar, we have about 60 days left before we wrap up this school year. How is that possible! Truly, the time is flying faster than I would choose it to.

Apparently her future is so bright today, she has to wear shades while doing math.

Her future is so bright, that she needs to wear shades during math. Hee.

Loving: my little munchkins. There have been some hard parenting days lately. As in a string of them. And this is a mama that is tired. But they still amaze and wow me daily. When my nephew's plans changed and he didn't join us today, we threw schedules and chores to the wind and had FUN this morning. (Not that we wouldn't have had fun with him, but I had more a more home-based plan if he was joining us). : )

Free donuts at Krispy Kreme thanks to some Valentine's day coupons from friends. Would you believe that it was (to my knowledge) the first time that either the kids or I have stepped foot into a KK store? The girls loved watching the donuts come off the machine and down the conveyor belt, and the donuts themselves weren't too bad either. (PS. I didn't even eat one.) : )

Happy President's Day!

Look at the boy SHOVELING his in. So proud. : )

Shoving the donut in his mouth.

Next we went over to Barnes & Noble. B absolutely LOVES the Thomas train table there and I never remember to take her to play on it. So we did. And B and the boy had a blast. It was his first time to see the train table and he was most enchanted with it.

Exploring the bookstore train table.

Unbeknownst to us, it was also story time while we were there and the mouse from the "if you give a mouse a..." books was there in person! You will notice that only three children were in the photo. One was hiding behind me, still nursing her deep fear of large costumed characters.

Saying hi to the "if you give a mouse a cookie" mouse. :)

A good morning out for all, following by a huge nap for the boy. So thankful for these little people.


  1. Susan2:58 PM

    I fully support N2's fear of large costumed characters. I still haven't outgrown mine--you don't know who's in there! I always hide behind Matt. :-)

    1. My question is, have you been to Disney World and did you run from Mickey Mouse? : ) Not that we have a Disney planned any time in the near future, but that's a lot of money if she is going to run screaming from all her favorite characters. : )

      Good to know, though, that you turned out relatively normal! : )

  2. That's funny that Susan commented about her fear of large costumed characters.
    I have a full blown phobia of them, and it is so embarrassing sometimes.
    I'm 32 for heavens sake, but I still can't even stand to be around one or I completely freak out and cry and have a panic attack.
    I hope your little one can outgrow it!

    1. Thanks! : ) I hope so, too. There was no crying today, so that was a pretty big improvement, however, we didn't get very close either!

  3. Louise had a total come-apart (as in we had to leave the restaurant) over the Chick FIL A cow one time, and she loved WDW, so yes, it is possible. We had KK Sunday night after church, and I am sad to say that I did not resist.

    Good for you for getting out with your kiddos!


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