Project Life, Week 5 // January 29 - February 4

Week 5 was an extra full week with N2's 6th birthday! Whew. She had a very special couple of days as she was doted on by friends and family and I really like how it all came together in this week's pages.


The first page:

  • Maybe my favorite candid shot of the day as she is sitting there while we sing Happy Birthday to her. This was actually a photo my Dad shot, but I converted it to an Instagram on my phone and added the "love" paper and the "6". (The love paper is from a kit that I've linked below).
  • On Monday night, N2's best friend and her family came to dinner and this was round two of Happy Birthday and pink cupcakes + pink icing + a cherry on top. 
  • Tuesday night found us without power for several hours! We already had plans to go to over to friends for the evening for our small group - the girls were thrilled to find out that they still had power even though they live close to us. On the way home, we stopped at Waffle House - T was hungry and we didn't know when the power was going to come on so I could heat up dinner for him. It was the girls first trip to Waffle House so it was an adventure. : )


The little picture on the journaling card is a shot from my phone of our favorite music right now. T discovered this group called The Rizers (short for "memorizers") and it's scripture set to great music. It's been on repeat a LOT in the car lately.


This is the front of the birthday insert. I used one of the Project Life Photo Pocket Pages B that I found in my stash. (Truthfully, I don't even remember ordering these, and I don't think I've ever used them before!) I have pictures going in every which direction which is a little hard on the eyes, but I wanted lots of slots to work with.

The birthday girl survey at the top is from a birthday kit by Emilie Ahern - super cute. I didn't think about the fact that 4x6 slots were going the wrong direction for it, but there wasn't any question of leaving it out. : ) The two other smaller red/pink cards are from Emilie's Valentine's kit.


Up close:


The back of the birthday insert. The big gift for N2 was a giant dollhouse for her and B's room. Their reactions were a riot.


Birthday donuts. The little "today matters" tag is from the Elle's Studio limited edition February kit. Their Christmas kit ended up being such a good investment for me on my December Daily album that I decided to by the February/Valentine's kit as well.


Tag on the bottom right is a free printable from The Tiny Twig.



I added a 5x7 insert with a few of the birthday cards that N2 got. I didn't want to throw them away (a card in the mail is a rare thing nowadays).


The right side of our week:

  • she reads her first book to me outloud (with a little help over a few of the big words).
  • two little sickies. Not really sick, but congested enough to feel sluggish and grumpy. A rare shot of the two of them curled up together.
  • chronicling a Friday tradition - the kids always want to run up and down these stairs outside for some reason so into the album it went. : )
  • new hair for mama. : )

I just had to include this picture of N2 - it is so NOT the normal picture of her, but she has this crazy side that you don't see often. It makes me laugh.


The cool striped paper was also part of the Elle's Studio February kit. I really, really like the diagonal stripe. : )


After I got my hair cut, I had dinner with a few friends - a much needed night out for Mama! My friend Erin took some pictures at the table so I've left a little spot to stick one in when she emails it to me.


This was a crazy busy week for us. Once again, I'm so thankful for this system that is helping me chronicle some of the daily bits and pieces of our lives that I don't want to miss.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love. love the diagonal journaling on the self portrait card and the yellow just makes me happy. Great self shot and cute haircut!
    Loving all your handwritten journaling. And what a wonderful, full of life week. You have a gorgeous family and you captured them beautifully.

  2. Beautiful, Stephanie! I love all the birthday details & especially the picture of N2 , the reader. Great haircut, too--I vacillate between having mine short and letting it grow. Thanks for linking up all the digi elements--I'm slowly getting the hang of hybrid scrapping!

    I have lots of pages that are almost ready to share--maybe tomorrow night! :-)

    1. Travis likes it longer – when I cut it super short after the baby was born, he nicely suggested that I grow it out again. Only for him… : ) The girls keep asking when it is going to be long again, too, and why it isn’t curly anymore. I guess I was the only one that liked it short! : )

      Thanks always for the feedback on my pages, too! This week took me a lot longer to pull together because of birthday, but I like how it turned out, too. : )

  3. =D I love the picture of her enjoying the sight of her cupcake while clearly enjoying being sung to.

    And N2 spazzing out over the book!? LOL! I LOVE it!!!

    1. She is a little girl of contradiction, that one. : )


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