Read Aloud Thursday // Reading About Groundhogs

Happy Groundhog Day!

In honor of the "holiday," I am taking the lazy man's approach to Read Aloud Thursday this week and sharing links to two other posts that I've written on Groundhog Day reading. Mama was not quite on the ball this year on checking out some of our favorites from the library, but that's okay. It will roll right back around next year. : )

2010 Groundhog Day reading post

2011 Groundhog Day reading post

For more great read aloud suggestions, visit Amy at Hope is the Word!


  1. I didn 't get any Groundhog Day books, either, despite my post. :-)

  2. Groundhog Day has a way of sneaking up on you, doesn't it? This year I finally remembered to celebrate the holiday with a book!

  3. We missed Groundhog Day here as well. Holidays at the beginning of a month are always tough for me to prepare for. :)


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