Those Days

I have them too.

Rushing out the door after lunch to get one to chess, then an afternoon well-check doctor appointment for another.

We spill something everywhere at chess.

Another child starts saying they don't feel good so we have the doctor look at them while (conveniently) at the appointment. That one IS sick and needs a prescription.

Everyone was at Walmart this afternoon buying supplies in case of snow and last minute valentines. The pharmacy is located ... guess? Right next to the rock salt display and valentines. Crazy crowdedness.

Sick child is acting slight bonkers at Walmart. Such that I have to carry her through the store to keep her still.

Boy keeps saying "nigh nigh." All he wants is a nap. Me too, buddy. I don't think it's happening for either of us.

Home. Unload. Discover that the meal you assembled in the crockpot before leaving for the all-afternoon events is not prepared because you forgot to plug in the crockpot. Rats.

Three way timeout for quarreling sisters in separate corners of the kitchen while I work. Struggling with one child a lot lately.

Quickly throw together a meal of cheese and crackers, frozen waffles, and whatever else I can quickly find because they are hungry. Now. Ask the girls to stop putting their feet in each others' faces while they eat dinner.

Give the boy a small boy and a spoon and about a tablespoon of yogurt. He is ecstatic. And messy. And now in desperate need of a bath.

Bathe boy.

Husband arrives home. Feeling under-the-weather. Finally succumbed this weekend to the cold that the rest of us have passed around for two weeks.

Just little snippets (definitely not the whole picture) of what Monday afternoon was like. Busy, loud, overwhelming. Yes, we read lots of books in our house and yes, I like to scrapbook pretty pictures, but I we also have not pretty read-aloud moments and non-photographable (if that's a word) parenting occasions as well.

Decided that instead of rushing to finish and post my Project Life layout today, that I'd just briefly sum up a real life afternoon of events. Not perfect by any standards, but definitely our "life right now" some days. And, as such, I imagine I'll print this list out for next week's album page just as reminder of what my life was sometimes like on a busy, cold afternoon in February with an 8 year old, 6 year old, 4 1/2 year old, and 16 month old.


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Oh goodness, I hope today is a little sweeter for all of you.

    I have missed your blog! For some reason it was not updating on Google or FB for me.

    Meredith (LMS)

  2. Oh, how I relate. I hope your Tuesday is better.

  3. WHAT?! You have those days too!? Those unphotographable moments?!?!

    I am just SHOCKED, that's what!!

    (And relieved?)


  4. YIKES! Those are the days...I need to write more of mine like this down. Somehow it is helpful to remember the chaos and the changes. When life seems overwhelming, it's hard to believe I won't remember what it looked like truly just a few moments from now...

    ..and i just hated that the crockpot wasn't plugged in...argh!!...but was relieved to hear that the crockpot hadn't burnt the whole thing up (I have had that happen)

    hope today is a little more smoothed out...


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