February Reading Plans

In January I tried to make a few short term goals for reading to get myself back in the habit of prioritizing time with a good book. My goals were short (and hopefully attainable!) I wanted to read Beyond Opinion for the Reading to Know book club and two L.M. Montgomery books for the L.M. Montgomery challenge (also at Reading to Know.

The result? I finished both my LMM selections (blogged here) and made it almost, but not quite, halfway through Beyond Opinion (blogged here). Yay!

I also read two short e-books: Blogger Behave and Mindset for Moms that were great food for thought (and short reads!)

I also blogged N1's Winter Reading List that I've assigned her, and on her behalf, I'll report that she's already finished two books from the list - a first to have them done so early. She finished Mr. Popper's Penguins and Huge Cabret. Now, she's never read beyond the two that I've required because she's usually got a stack of her own library selections to peruse, however, if she is willing to tackle another of Mama's choices, then she runs the risk of a prize or two. We'll see if she does that this month as she has all February to do so.

Since my January plan worked fairly well, I thought I would try the same thing for February. My goals for the next 29 days are to read:

  • Running Away to Home for the Reading to Know February book club selection
  • The Core - written by the founder of Classical Conversations, a well known homeschool tutorial
Only two books. I don't have any fiction grabbing me right now so I didn't put any on the list. I also really want to read Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick, but I have told myself that I can't purchase it until I finish both of these other books. Incentive!

What are you reading? Anything good? Happy February!

2012 Reading Goals:


  1. Chuckling over your incentive.


  2. Yeah for completing a goal! I want to read The 5 Love Languages of Kids this month but I'm not sure if that will happen. We have a really busy month with a big activity each week and February Vacation the last week. Maybe I need an incentive to read the book. :)


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