Project Life Week 4 // January 22-28

Week 4 of Project Life! This week has two inserts - a 6x12 insert from the little girls' overnight with Grandma (and Grandpa) and an 8 1/2 x 11 with some papers I wanted to highlight, also from the little girls.


On the left:

  • the heart on the title card was left over from the craft I attempted with my Sunday School kids. I had a few extras so I stuck one in the album.
  • head shots of my Sunday School class (those that were there that day) for a little project I am working on
  • a photo of one of N1's timed math tests from last week. Worth recording!
  • a photo of my notes from Beyond Opinion (which I blogged here).



The photos below were both 4x4 so I attached two of the filler cards from the Clementine kit to fill out the 4x6 slots.


Have you downloaded the free "recently reading" project life card from Emilie Ahern yet? I've already used it twice. I foresee this will be featured prominently throughout the album this year! The card on the right is a printable from Marcy Penner - the Take Note Series 1.


My 6x12 insert.




My 8 1/2 x 11 insert. The front is a story by N2 that I wanted to save. (She wrote it apparently under the pseudonym Emily). : )


A piece of art from our Bible study with a note on how B is doing in the class from her teacher.


The right side:

  • a dessert that N1 made in a field trip she went on last week
  • N2 + the boy + his dog
  • a picture that N2's best friend drew her
  • a photo from a church music team gathering that took place at our house. May I just state for the record here that a good time was had by all ... and it was LOUD. : ) The card on the far right is one that folds over and there is a little hidden journaling there about the husband. : )


This card is a printable from Paislee Press and I used it to record something our sweet neighbor said.



And, as a little thank you for the three of you that read my Project Life updates each week, I made a little printable for you. : ) This is my first attempt at a Project Life printable - I was inspired by Emilie's "recently reading" printable and decided I needed one to keep track of any memorable movies that we watch as a family. It's sized to fit in the Project Life 3x4 journaling spots and I've printed and tested it so it should hopefully fit for you!

My first #projectlife printable. :)

If you click the link below, you should be able to download a PDF ready to print. (If you do download it, would you please let me know? Thanks!) It probably goes without saying that this is for personal use only.


Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm already thinking about next week's PL layout - the one with all the birthday pictures. : )


  1. Well, look at you! Love, love, love the printable. Thank you! :-)
    Love the little collage of your SS kids. I learned how to do something like this in PSE last night!

    This makes me happy--all this PL goodness!


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