Grump E. Pants

That's me today. Was it Midas who was the king where everything he touched turns to gold? I've decided that today I'm the queen where everything I touch turns to grumpiness.

I'm not fired up about my new haircut.

I can't get the house cool enough.

I can't get the printer to work.

I can't get Noelle to go down for a nap.

I can't find the tights I want at Target.

Ad nauseum.

Okay, I'm done. I just needed to get that out of my system. Part of my problem is I'm tired. I'm a "10 o'clock" bedtime person and last night someone *coughnoellecough* was up to 11:30 p.m. fussing and all off scheduled because of the cold that's working on her. And today has not been a day where I've had the extra space in my schedule for a nap. I have our first Christmas rehearsal tonight with the music team and I've been running trying to get ready.

Methinks I need a list of things I "heart" to change my perspective. (Idea shamefully stolen from Heather).

I heart Chex Mix (and I bought some tonight for our music rehearsal!)

I heart putting up the Christmas tree (it's happening this weekend, people!)

I heart this little man.

I heart designing cards and stationary for folks . . . my latest.

I heart new scrapbook magazines that come in the mail.

I heart White Christmas.

I heart this big man.

Noelle is sleeping . . . shhhhhh . . .


  1. Anonymous5:33 PM

    well miss grumpy pants--you keep that attitude OVER THERE! because i have my cranky pants on over here and i would hate to have to fight you!

    It's to bad that baby doesn't look very much like her daddy isn't it??
    (totally KIDDING)

  2. OH MY STARS, that nephew of yours is just too cute for words. And I love those change of address cards. :) I'm sorry for the grumpy pants. I've had them on today myself. :(

  3. Sweet photos...and betting today will be "not-so-grumpy"! We're getting cool weather, a tad rainy still and it's so cozy, it'll probably help your stinky mood!

    Has anyone suggested chocolate?!!


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