Winding Down

Today has flown by. I love being at home on Monday's and having a chance to recover from the weekend. And our weekend was a busy one.

Friday . . .
~ Travis had the day off
~ He had to go to work for an hour for a conference call though
~ So Noelle and I went to the library
~ We got these four videos: Count of Monte Cristo, Seabiscuit, You've Got Mail, and Spiderman.
~ Noelle also got a Baby Einstein video.
~ Noelle went to Grandma's house for Friday night to spend the night.
~ She had a ball playing with Grandpa and Grandma.
~ Travis and I had a date night!
~ We went to dinner at Stoney River. (We had a gift certificate).
~ It was soooooo yummy.
~ Then we went to see The Incredibles!
~ It was very funny and original. (A little more adult oriented that other Pixar movies so I recommend it highly with the condition that it's really for older kids as opposed to the very young).

Saturday . . .
~ Slept in until 7:45 a.m.!
~ Staff meeting at church
~ Did some Christmas shopping
~ Went to Borders and sat and looked at magazines . . . uninterrupted . . . for a long time . . . it was wonderful.
~ Went home and paced the house waiting for Noelle to get home.
~ She got home around 3 p.m. and my folks hung around and my Dad took our family Christmas picture for our Christmas cards.
~ With dogs.
~ It was an action shot.
~ I will post one when we get them.
~ Made homemade pizza for dinner.
~ Watched Count of Monte Cristo - very good movie.

Thus endeth our relaxing weekend. Sunday was it's normally busy day with church, a family lunch at my folks, and then winding down at home at the end of the day. Tomorrow we'll be out and about with errands.

PS. Thanks for the feedback on the green . . . I'm starting to get used to it!


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