A List-Makin' Kind of Day

List updated Friday at 1:00 p.m. CT:

I have been dreadfully whiny the past couple days. So much so that I told myself I couldn't blog until I had something nice to say. I've been trying to get back into a routine now that Travis is on the mend and we're not revolving our schedule on how he is feeling. (Note: He did talk to the Dr. yesterday, and they don't really know what he had. Just some funky virus or something). Noelle is down for her morning nap so I am trying to get my to do's organized so we can be productive after lunch.

Our list...
~ Grocery store for milk for Noelle & milk for Daddy & Diet Coke (or something similar) for Mama. (Can you believe I still don't have any DC in the house?! I stopped at Sonic yesterday for a Route 44 and that held me through). DONE!
Note to Elbie: Diet Coke rocketh. You are young and have not learned the truth yet. I will pray for your eyes to be open. *hides behind sofa so that she cannot be hit with a latte or some fancy drink from California*

Note to Aleta: Thanks for your offer of DC . . . too bad TN & Canada are not closer...

Back to the list...
~ Craft store - looking for Kermit the Frog stickers for some invitations that I've been asked to make for a birthday party. Sort-of done. Can't find Kermit anywhere so have gone on to plan B.
~ Library day - I'm picking up with new Mitford cookbook to drool over! Just picked it up today - library was closed yesterday.
~ Church printing - bulletin, prayer sheet, sermon outline, etc. DONE!
~ Comment on chp 4 of Fresh-Brewed Life with the on W@H reading group. DONE!
~ 1 Samuel study
~ Load o' laundry DONE!
~ Start making packing list for family trip for Thanksgiving
~ Chart sheet music for Christmas service at church
~ Work on my sister's baby announcements
~ Write letter to my Grandma

Travis has the day off tomorrow (planned before the sickies). Noelle is going to Grandma & Grandpa's tomorrow night to spend the night b/c Travis and I have a meeting at church early Saturday a.m. There's talk of taking our Christmas card picture but that will depend on my Dad's schedule. Travis wants to have the picture taken out front of the house (which is what we did last year), and have the dogs in the picture as well. This will be very interesting and I could imagine it will turn into quite an aerobic exercise.

PS. Pattie, thanks for your sweet words . . . this book has been good for me to go through with others! Thanks for your hard work on leading us!


  1. (((Stephanie)))
    How can you go so long without Diet Coke in the house? I'd be done for if I didn't know that I had a case in the fridge. I wish I could express mail you some. And poor deluded people who don't know the joys of diet coke. ;-)

  2. Anonymous7:31 AM

    if i had read this sooner i would have had my mom bring some diet coke!
    ok--it so totally stinks that you are going to be gone at Christmas, but i am going to be back in nashville in Feb and WE ARE getting together!

  3. hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!


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