Slightly Medical Post...

Travis went to the Dr. yesterday afternoon. The Dr's best guess is that he has a bacterial infection - like ecoli or samonella - and it's just working his system over. He's on some pretty strong medication to kill the bacteria, but is battling a fever and in and out of the bathroom. He's home from work today which has been a nice treat in spite of the sickness. Noelle woke up all stopped up, too, so I've been going back and forth between the two. (At the moment, N. is napping, or headed in that direction, and T. is watching Return of the King - now that the election stuff is nearing the end!)

I need to play catch-up on the house and my church work today, but I'm tired. I haven't slept the whole night straight in over a week what with sharing a hotel bed with Noelle and Travis getting up in the night b/c of sickies. Off to try and get a few things done . . .

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