Monday's Musings.

Recent Comments that Need Responses:

Allie: I would love to design you some cards - how fun would that be! You have to give me some ideas of what you would want them to look like, your style, etc. I can fix you up.

Dana: Your comment about how much Travis & Noelle resemble each other got me to digging. Check this out:

I think there is a slight resemblance. :-)

Swonderings from W@H:

List 7 remarkable experiences in your life. Write a paragraph about each one, or tell a little about each one everyday.

1) Noelle's birth . . . Completely. Changed. Everything. :-) I remember laying on the table in the operating room and as they pulled her out, Travis says something like, "You did it, you have a baby." I could hear her crying as they clean her up and I start crying, too. He was watching them clean Noelle up and my anesthesiologist prodded him to go over by the baby and take some pictures. Then he brought her over to let me hold her for just a second before he left with her to go get checked out at the nursery. It was amazing. She was so tiny and beautiful and to hold her there with Travis standing has got to be one of the most intimate family moments that we could ever have experienced.

2) My wedding . . . it was a blur, but I can't think of a thing that I would change about it. It was very simple. Simple bouquets, simple decorations, simple music and it was so NOT stressful for me, that I was able to truly enjoy the day. Travis and I had a few minutes alone together before the wedding. (We had limited time in the chapel we were married in and had to do pictures before the wedding). The time together before getting ready to make a lifetime commitment. I don't even really remember what was said. Just the look on his face. *heart*

3) Croatia '98 . . . my first mission trip overseas and my first crisis of belief. Having accepted Christ as Savior as a small child, this was the first time I really doubted my salvation and questioned what I believed. Panic attacks and fear consumed me for much of this trip as I grappled with why I was dumb enough to leave comfortable TN and go overseas when I was so not qualified to be on the mission team. God met me there, though.

More on these later this week . . .

In other news . . .
~ I have a cold, a headache, and a sore throat. Ick.
~ We leave town Wednesday for Thanksgiving with my family here.
~ We had someone accept Christ at our worship service on Sunday. Yeah!
~ I am trying to cut back on *gasp* Diet Coke. I need to drink less caffiene.
~ I am praying about my theme for 2005. More on this later . . .
~ We put the Christmas tree up this weekend. *sings "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . ."*
~ I think Noelle is trying to drop her morning nap. It's seems too soon to me . . .
~ I have all my Christmas cards made. I'm going to address them and work on our Christmas letter on our trip.
~ Must go rest now while Noelle is snoozing . . .


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