Here's a run-down of our Houston week . . .

~ Flew out Sunday evening. Noelle did great on take off, but cried for 20-30 minutes while we were landing. Her ears were killing her, poor baby. Right before we touched down, she fell asleep in my lap and slept until we got to the hotel.
~ Hotel was going to charge us $20 a day to have a crib/play pen in the room, so we all slept in the king size bed together which worked great!
~ Except for nap times which just didn't happen in the hotel room. I had to load Noelle in the car and drive around so that she would get at least some kind of nap a day - then I would park the car somewhere and read or snooze myself.
~ I had some GREAT time with two college friends that both live in Houston. We have all had our first child within 6 months of each other so it was a lot of fun to hang out with each other and our babies.
~ Travis got sick the Monday we were in Houston and felt horrible all week . . . he's still sick and is finally going to the doctor today. :-(
~ Noelle and I walked the Gallaria Mall in Houston - huge! Out of my price limit, but I definitely got exercise hiking around it's 4 floors. We spent some time watching the ice skaters on the rink at the bottom of the mall.
~ Went to the Children's Museum in Houston - very fun watching Noelle play and explore and have a great time.
~ Ate at America's with Travis and Noelle on Wednesday evening. Probably THE best steak I have ever put in my mouth. Unbelieveable!
~ We went to the downtown aquarium on Friday - not very big but Noelle enjoyed looking at the fish and so did we. :-)
~ The flight home went much better. Noelle flirted with a flight steward and got some graham cracker sticks and was a happy camper.
~ She was not a happy camper when she had to sleep in her own bed on Friday night - by herself. Naptime on Monday was hard, too. Today has gone much better.

Pictures of our trip, you ask? Click here.

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