Friday, August 04, 2006

Everyday Things

Having missed a few weeks, it's good to do an Everyday Thing. Especially when I'm having one of those "everydays" that's just a bit harder. All us girls are a little under the weather in one way or another, so this is putting my mind towards something I am going to be thankful for. My dogs. Yes, I know I've said they are the bane of my existence before. It's true ... in the summer when they are shedding, I would happily open the front door and just let them run off if I have to vacuum one. more. time. However, they are my faithful friends. My girl-dog Jenny is my constant pal. Wherever I sit, she sits. She is the more quiet of the our two and so gentle with our girls. They can crawl all over her and she never makes any kind of a fuss. Maybe her mothering instinct? :-) Our Sam-dog is my friend. He's the one that I take to the door with me when someone knocks and I'm not expecting company. His size and girth say "protector". N1 does not go outside without Sam-dog to accompany her. However, would he ever harm the girls? Never! Not as tolerant of their company as our girl is, he will get up and walk away if they are bothering him. Now one cannot have two 90 lbs dogs that occasionally like to wrestle without a little frustration, but they are so much a part of our family. Very much an everyday thing.

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