Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Good Things

Good things.

  • And, in light of yesterday's announcement of my plan for a no-fiction September, I suddenly feel compelled to read the entire Mitford series tomorrow.

  • N2 is 7 months today and pulling up on EVERYTHING!

  • Heard from N1 today as we were heading home from grocery shopping:

    "My wuves Baa! Me takes Baa home wif me!" (She's never before said that she loves anything ... even though I tell her that I love her and ask her if she loves Mama, apparently Baa gets her first love). :)

    So later, upon arrived home, after she has expressed her "wuv" for her "cups" (a princess tea set that she plays with all. the. time.), I ask her:

    Me: Do you love Mama? Can you say, "I love you Mama."
    N1: No.
    Me: You can't say, "Love you, Mama?"
    N1: No. Not right now.

    What a stinker.
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