Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meltdown Morning

N1 has reached this new stage where the day is just not fun if she isn't leaving the house with Daddy. Goodbyes in the morning have turned into a torrent of tears, comments like "I go to work!", or "go with Daddy in truuuuuuuuck!" complete with giant tears and a drippy nose.

Then we stand at the door and I wave at Daddy while holding my crying 2 year old. It's somewhat amusing.

It does seem like Daddy gets to have all the fun. He gets to leave, in the car, to that great mysterious place called "work." Some mornings I want to jump in the car with him, too, leaving behind the laundry, dishes, and diapers ... they will still be here when I get back, right? Along with the fussy girls, green noses, and "no Mom ... N1 do it!"

So you know what ... we're going to run away today. Celebrate a day of fun ... just Mama and the girls (and the fact that we have a car again!) :-) When N2 wakes up from her nap, we're going to go here for a few hours this morning (shhhh, N1 doesn't know yet) and then have lunch here with Grandma and Aunt Kathy. The beauty of an annual pass at our zoo - I don't have to feel guilty about going and staying just an hour or two and not killing us to see the whole thing.

Life is good. Green noses and all. It won't be too long before these little ones will be too busy to jump in the car and hang out with me. We're off to make a day that we'll remember and cherish. What have you done lately to make a memory like that?

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