Thursday, August 17, 2006

One of those bullet type posts of which I am exceedingly fond...

  • Life has been plugging along here in our household.
  • N1 has started dropping her naps every-other-day or so. So far it's going pretty good. Sometimes we have mini-meltdowns when I'm trying to get dinner ready, but we're usually able to press through. She is going to bed at 8 p.m. those days that she doesn't have a nap which has been pretty great, let me tell you. I've actually had a few hours in the evening to do something!
  • N2 is sitting up now and thinks she is hot stuff. I've also had to start supplementing her nursing because she is just not getting enough milk from me. Right now, I'm trying to alternate feedings back and forth between nursing and a bottle. Two nights ago it was so apparent that she wasn't full when I was trying to put her in bed. :( It was breaking my heart to hear her fuss like that.
  • I've been struggling lately. It's not something that I feel like I can go into detail with here, but it's been hard and I feel like it is sucking the life out of me because I'm spending so much time thinking and dwelling on it, and crying out to God, too.
  • Next week, I have big plans for us around here. :) I'm going to start doing a little homeschool preschool with N1 shortly and we're going to start working on having a bit more schedule to our day. She plays so well by herself that it's easy for me to just let her do her own thing while I get housework and such done. I'm going to be using the Before Five in a Row materials ... very loosely I might add. I'm planning on making this last a couple of years, or until I think she's ready for kindergarten materials.
  • I'm also going to start working with N1 on a few little chores. She's very ready, I just need to be proactive in having her "help" me dust, put her dirty clothes away, and such. Yesterday I spent thirty minutes or so moving all our plates and bowls down to a low cabinet so that we can start having her help me set the table.
  • I've done several invitation/stationary jobs in the last several weeks, for which I have been very thankful. One that I will show here is a cute little birthday party invitation for a one year old. (I've smudged out the pertinent info so that's why parts of it are a little fuzzy). I had a lot of fun making these - I don't do too many birthday invitations. In the works are a couple baby announcements ... one that is almost done. Just waiting on the parents' final approval on it and then I'll post it. Another is still in the designing stage; the baby isn't due until October, so I'm loving having the extra time to play around with it.
  • With my invitation money, I'm saving up to get a Moby Wrap for N2, in chocolate! I've been using the Snugli that we've had since N1 was born, and she has about maxed it out with her wonderful chubbiness. I've seen a moby up close and even watched someone load N2 into it and it looks perfect for me ... the key is that her weight will be evenly distributed across my back. I've got a sling (2 actually since I have my sister's) and I just cannot wear them. Our budget is pretty tight right now so that's why I'm hoping I can eventually get one with just my invitation money ... I can't justify enough to ask Travis if I can spend the money. :)
  • I'm thinking of taking a fiction fast. It's something I really need to do ... my brain needs more stimulation and I have some great non-fiction sitting here that I really want to dive into.
  • Have you stopped by One Weigh or Another lately? This weight-loss blog that I'm part of rocketh. Highlights for you to check out are Blestwithson's journey through Nehemiah, our Friday recipe days, and a picture of the overalls that I WILL be fitting back into. Oh yes, they will be mine once again. :)
  • I've discovered a few new reads in the last several months that have so encouraged and blessed me. Katharine at Raising Five, Joy of Joy in the Journey, BooMama who consistenly makes me laugh out loud when reading, Jenn at Reflecting Him ... all new favorites. Blogging has been such a blessing to me ... honestly more that I thought it would be. While these women may not even really know if I even read their words, there are so many times I feel mentored and encouraged when I spend just a few moments at their sites. So, thank you for sharing your lives with me.
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