Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday's Feast

I haven't done one of these in a while, and as I'm not feeling any particular inspiration, here goes:
Appetizer ~ When you were a child, which crayon color was your favorite?
I'm going to guess purple as that was a favorite color for a looooong time.

Soup ~ On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how likely would you be to change jobs if it required you to move?
I can't really answer this as I'm a S@HM, however, I would be totally open to it if Travis' job necessitated a change, or if he ever decides to go to seminary full-time. I've moved so much in my life, that it doesn't freak me out like it would have 10-15 years ago ... now I would look at it as more of an adventure. That doesn't mean that I don't love where we are now - our home, church, friends, closeness to family, etc. But, I'm not one that is so firmly staked somewhere that I couldn't move.

Salad ~ Take all the numbers in your birthday and your phone number and add them up, one by one. What’s the total?

Main Course ~ Have you ever “re-gifted” anything? If so, what was it and who did you pass it on to?
Well, yes. :) It's been several years, but when we were expecting N1, I was given at least 2 (maybe 3) winter coats for her, both with tags on them. A girl that I worked with at the time was also expecting her first daughter, so I gifted her with one of the coats.

Dessert ~ Name something you need from the store.
Coffee - we only have enought left for one more pot!


  1. OH! Yes. Come to DTS. We could play!

  2. Just wanted to wish you a happy weekend!


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