Thursday, April 19, 2007


1. kissed someone? Probably one of the girls ... we had some floor time this afternoon and I believe there was kissing and tickling involved.

2. drank coffee? Just warmed some up in my cup ... mmm.

3. read a book? I'm between books right now, having just wrapped up a couple. I need to pull Emma back out of my book basket as well as start on a new non-fiction from my Spring Reading list.

4. cursed? At least college ... I have two really specific memories of swearing. (I know, you are dying to know about it!) One was as a 4-5 year old and I took God's name in vain. First time, I remember my Dad explaining we wouldn't do that and if I did it again; the second time ... obviously the spanking I received made quite an impact. I've not done it since. :) I think the 2nd (and really, honestly, the only other time I can remember swearing) was when I was maybe a sophomore in college ... it just came out, I was shocked and appalled, and that was it.

5. had a nightmare? It's been a while, but I'm also not getting lots of sleep and what there is isn't very good. :) Probably not sleeping soundly enough to have a nightmare.

6. checked your email? It's up right now ... love high-speed internet. :)

7. had a crush? On my yummy yummy baby girl this evening. She enjoyed her dinner so much that we literally stripped her down in the highchair and she went straight to the sink for a quick bath before jammies and bed. She is too stinkin' adorable.

8. drove a car? I think Tuesday ... we've been home a bunch this week.

9. rode a roller coaster? Um, I don't do roller coasters - too fast, too high, too nauseous. Ick. :) I did ride some little rides with N1 at Cedar Point last summer. Travis and our neice took on the big ones and had a ball!

10. took a nap? Um. I can't remember. That's a shame because I could really use one.

11. went to the movies? We took the girls to see the Berry Blossom Festival (Strawberry Shortcake) about a month ago before Travis went out of town on one of his trips. They loved it. N2 danced to the music through the whole thing and N1 was very into it as well. I was just glad we only paid matinee prices for it ... but it was cute and clean and very girly. Right up our alley.

12. drank alcohol? I never have. I've tasted a few things over the years, but I don't count that as drinking. Beer once in college, a cosmopolitan when I used to work at the bar association, maybe wine once or twice. I've never liked the taste.

13. went to a party? Define party. Umm, we had a spring party here about a month ago, and Sunday we're celebrating my Dad's birthday.

14. said “I love you"? To the girls this afternoon.

15. cooked a meal? Dinner tonight was a homemade masterpiece. Well, it was hot when it hit the table. :)

16. exercised? Ha. I got a drink and went to the bathroom a few mintues ago.

Hat tip to Lindsay at Enjoy the Journey for this one.

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