Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Reading Thing - The List

I've had a terrible time coming up with a list this time for the Spring Reading Thing, hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days. I don't know if it's the last stages of pregnancy that are coloring my indecisiveness or what, but I can't make up my mind. That said, I fully expect this post to be edited at some point with substitutions or additions. :-)

I'm trying to broaden my horizons in my fiction reading. I'm a sucker for clean Christian fiction, but sadly, it's starting to bore me some. It all seems too predictable and/or unrealistic anymore. However, I'm not sure where to go. I'm VERY picky about fiction that I read ... I don't do lots of language or steamy scenes, no thank you. I try to stick to no more than PG in my reading (usually John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark fall in this category). So any suggestions for good clean fiction that's out there - throw it my way! That said, here's what I have so far:

  • White Chocolate Moments by Lori Wick. I know I just said that I'm burnt out on Christian fiction, and truthfully, the review on Amazon doesn't look great for this one. But my Mom had it and it's free and usually I enjoy her stand-alone books more. We'll see.
  • Emma by Jane Austin. I thoroughly enjoyed Pride and Prejudice last summer and this is already on my bookshelf.
  • Elsie's Endless Wait by Martha Findley. Yes, this is a young girl's book. I've been wanting to check this series out as possible gifts for my neice and two of our youth girls have the entire series and nicely loaned me book one.
  • The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Caught by Neta Jackson. Love me some Yada Yada.


Children's Reading
In continuing with the progress that we've made during the Read to Me Challenge, I have several books that I'm going to hopefully read through with N1, specifically.

  • The Complete Adventures of Curious George by Margret & H.A. Rey. We are in a massive Curious George phase and when she saw the ginormous CG book in our library back, she said, "Dat's a BIG George!"
  • We are going to spend next week reading several books about gardens and spring time.

Now that I've typed it all out, my list looks better than I thought! :-) Hop over to Katrina's to see what other's are reading or to participate yourself.


  1. Ordinary Mom, Extradorinary God is next on my MTBR too! Let me know how you like! I just finished one of her other books and it was excellent.

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I love, love, LOVE EMMA! I hope you enjoy it!

    I should have listed what I am reading in the Bible too -- wish I would have thought of it!

    And I love my slow cooker too!


  3. Great list, Steph! Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God is one of my favorite books ever. I loved it! I know what you mean about fiction. I often like to pick up light, fluffy (clean) mysteries. Some authors that usually keep things clean and decent are Joanne Fluke, Diane Mott Davidson, and Lilian Jackson Braun ("The Cat Who..." series).

    Thanks for joining the Spring Reading Thing!

  4. emma is a great book; i could barely get through p & p!!

  5. Great list! You'll have to let me know how Emma, Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God and the cookbook are. I have one on my list too! ;)

    Congratulations on having another baby soon! Happy Reading! =)

  6. Hey, this is MichelleMoses from Xanga. I joined blogger.

    How did you end up doing on the fall reading list?

  7. Suprise, suprise, I'm like you with fiction. I do branch out but I always end up back at the ''cheesy'' Christian fiction. And I'll give you, some of it is cheesy LOL But it works for me. KWIM. Have you read any Ted Dekker? I've only read Three by him (and I have it in paperback if you are interested, just let me know) he is a Christian and just wow, it was a really good book!) I figure you have already read Beverly Lewis? I love her stuff too.
    *sniff* When Nathan was three we read The Complete Adventures of Curious George. Such fun ...I love that monkey. :D

  8. Oh! And I love Stepping Heavenward!

  9. I see you're reading Elsie Dinsmore. Celeste has all the books. She really loves all the Millie books the best! Good choice for young girls.

  10. Wonderful list--I love Stepping Heavenward.

  11. Hey Stephanie--actually Stepping Heavenward is fiction, but written like a journal (and very autobiographical, I think). I loved it! I also loved Ordinary Mom, Extra. God and A Place of Quiet Rest, so I can wholly endorse your list!

    As far as fiction, have you read any Lisa Samson? She is a Christian writer, but out of the traditional mold, I think. I read some Jane Austen for the Fall challenge and want to read some more. I really enjoyed it too.


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