Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Heard 'Round These Parts

On Monday night, I was recovering from stomach unpleasantries, so I made homemade beef vegetable soup for dinner. Yum. N1 wanted to see what I was making on the stove so I lifted her up so she could see inside the pot. This is the resulting coversation:

N1: What's that?

Me: Vegetable soup. It's yummy.

N1: Eeew, that's yucky. Gross.

Me: It's not gross, it's really good.

N1 (to N2): N2? Can you say "gross?"

She's already taking her responsibilities as a big sister very seriously in the intructions of what is and isn't gross! :-) Not to mention, I didn't even know that she KNEW the word "gross."

(Party people, my intro post is right here!)

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