Friday, March 09, 2007

And they're off!

I'm about to sign off the computer for the weekend (other than a little church work that I need to wrap up). A dear friend of mine is getting married this weekend and his fiance is one of the most fabulous gals I've met thus far in life. (And not just because she and I have so stinkin' much in common that it's scary!) :-) Anyway, I have known the groom since he was about 13 and it's just surreal to be attending his wedding tomorrow ... I would appreciate prayers for the wedding if you think of it. I'm singing in the wedding, and at 32 weeks pregnant, there's not much extra room for good breath support for singing! I'm singing the Doxology (All People That on Earth Do Dwell) by The Martins with two other girls, so there will be others up there with me (thank goodness!), but as I'm the high part/melody, it will be somewhat noticable if I'm gasping for air. LOL

Anyway, a few links to leave you with and then, really, I'm done!!
  • Lindsay of Enjoy the Journey has started a new blog about Finding Contentment in the Suburbs. I'm looking forward to that "journey" with her.
  • Meridith @ Like Merchant Ships has entered a grocery challenge with The Aldi Queen as to who can save more money on their groceries ... by shopping either exclusively at Aldi's or clipping coupons. I admit to being biased in one direction, so I'm going to be following this next week!
  • Pop over and say hi to a college friend of mine ... and one time roommate our senior year! ... Leah. She's entered blogdom and is a wonderful woman. I'm thrilled to be able to catch up with her more!

Now, adios y'all. Off to clean the house, pack bags for the girls, and get a move on it. The N's are spending the night with their aunt and uncle tonight while we attend the rehearsal dinner ... it's the first time N2 will not be at home overnight. *sniffle* Really, I'm not hormonal or anything. *snifflesniffle*


  1. We don't have anything like Aldi around hoo! Sure could use it with a family of 8!

  2. Just to clarify, I won't be shopping with coupons--just buying what's on sale at the regular grocery and crafting my menu around those loss leaders. We wanted to show how everyone can save money with these strategies, even if you can't/won't clip coupons!

  3. Thanks for the link! I hope you guys enjoy that dish tonight. I am going to be having the leftovers for luncht today. Who can resist?

    I am so glad you found my blog! Welcome!!


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