Saturday, March 31, 2007


I'm tired of being sick.
I'm tired of not getting enough sleep.
I'm tired of being pregnant.
I'm tired of bananas and applesauce and toast.
I'm tired of whining.
I'm tired of feeling behind.
I'm tired of doing laundry all the live-long day.
Just tired.

Okay, I feel better now. :)

Actually we are on the upswing and I'm thinking we'll be able to go to church tomorrow. Today I told Travis I just needed to get out of the house ... we've been here since Wednesday a.m. except for our run to the drs. on Thursday. I needed some sunshine and fresh air! So ... he takes us to Walmart! :) We picked up a few things he needed and then went for a drive in the sun which is what I needed. We made a stop at the Tractor Supply Co. (we live just on the edge of being rural) and N1 and Daddy were able to pet some rabbits, which she thought was oh-so-cool. N2, not so much ... she was quite freaked by them actually. Then we went and got ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery, which was new to us. Oh.My.Word. was it good. I had coffee ice cream with heath pieces mixed into it in a waffle cone. I can't tell you the last time we went out for ice cream ... it was so relaxing to sit outside and eat it with the wind breezing around, and a little sun beating down. (Just a note: N1 almost convinced us that she would eat the "pink" ice cream which was bubblegum flavored so we took a taste of it first. Eew. It tasted just like double bubble bubble gum.)

Anyway, we're settling in for a slow Saturday night, I hope. I'm going to try and find the top of my desk and make a list of those things that didn't get done this week that I need to fit in for the next ... oil change, haircut for N1, and oh yes, GROCERIES. Maybe I should tackle that list first. :)


  1. glad to hear you are feeling better. mmm. marble slab... yummy. there used to be coupons in the citipass book and the clipper magazine, if you get that one in the mail. buy 1 get 1 free. i'm not sure if citipass has one this time around.

  2. Lexie6:21 PM

    i looooove ice cream. oreo and birthday cake is amazing!

  3. Hope everyone at your house is feeling better soon. Sounds like you are sick and tired of being sick and tired (one of my grandmother's favorite sayings, LOL!). Marble Slab would make me feel a lot better. I adore that place. We don't go often because I feel like I consume about 1200 calories per visit, but boy is it good! We went once over the winter for a shake and I hope to go once or twice this summer. A very special splurge :)


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