Friday, March 16, 2007

Suggestions, please!

Next weekend, the girls and I are hosting a small "first-day-of-spring" party here at our house for some of their little friends from church and their moms. Right now, the agenda is set to include a indoor picnic lunch, followed by the coloring of large quantities of eggs. :-) I could use some suggestions for fun, kid-friendly food for the lunch. I've got some ideas - crustless pb & j's, raw veggies, but because this is a party, I wanted some extra special ideas (or at least out of the norm for us) that don't break the bank.

I already know that I'm going to make this for the moms, maybe with some fun breadsticks. And the insane side of me is DYING to make this bunny cake because it looks like so much fun!

But, what I really need are fun kid ideas that does not involve chicken nuggets a.k.a. our lunch o' choice. Thoughts? :-)


  1. What a fun idea! No matter what, kids LOVE cupcakes. You could even bake them in ice cream cones, you know the kind with the flat bottom?

    Cheap, FUN, and yummy!

  2. what about fruit kabobs? use wooden skewers, put grapes, chunks of pineapple, apples, etc, then break off the pointed end for safety.

  3. I'm thinking on this...I've seen cupcakes baked and then formed in the shape of a daisy (make sense) and that was a cute spingy party. My kids love to use those pretzel sticks as a ''utensil'' with cheese and meats. Maybe pb and j tortilla roll ups (if there are not PB allergies)Have you hit family fun, they usually have such fun ideas. ohhhh ohhhh you have time to sprout a container of grass to use as your centerpiece.

  4. Check out here:

    esp the sandwich on a stick idea, if you did that and the fruit cabobs it's easy clean up too! :D

    P.S. I want to live near you.

  5. my MIL did 'seaweed and octupus' (ramaen noodles and hot dogs) for my nephew and neices today. Check her flog for pics.


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