Friday, March 30, 2007

This 'n That

Nothing too glamorous or exciting to write about as we wrap up this week. N2 and I both came down with a stomach virus on Wednesday (ick!) and had a long day and night. Just a note, nothing adds romance to your marriage like handing your husband a baby who has just thrown up while you RUN to the bathroom yourself. :) A Kodak moment to be sure.

Anyway, thankfully, N2 already had a recheck appointment with the pediatrician on Thursday for her latest ear infection so we staggered in to the drs. office, only to have the diagnosis of a stomach bug confirmed for both of us AND find out that her ear infection was still there and going strong. :-( She's had all the antibiotics that she can have this round, so she had to have a shot of antibiotics and then they wanted to watch her for a few minutes to make sure that she didn't have a reaction to it. The girls and I then popped into the grocery store to restock on bananas, applesauce, ginger ale, Pedialyte ... those necessities for tummy issues. N1 woke up with it this morning, but seems to have a lighter dose of it that we had, and so far Travis has been immune, lucky guy. Tonight looks like it will be our standard Friday pizza night for one. :)

A couple of cool links to leave you with...

  • Scrapper Ali Edwards has been fundraising for Autism Speaks over the last several weeks. The fundraising wraps up this weekend and in conjunction with that she is having several cool give-aways and projects on her blog over the weekend. While the give-aways and projects are obviously cool, I would encourage you to contribute as you feel led. One of my close friends has a son with Asperger's Syndrome and a daughter who is severely autistic, so this is a cause I can back fully. (If you click where I have linked "Autism Speaks" you are taken to a place where you can donate and for more information).
  • A blog that is brand new and I'm totally excited about: Deliciously Clean Reads. As I mentioned in my Spring Reading Thing reading list, I struggle with breaking out of my normal reading ruts and finding new authors that are worth reading but don't take me places I don't want to go with language or ste@my scenes. If I'm not going to watch that in a movie, I don't need to be reading in a book. Anyway, her blog looks like it will have LOTS o' potential!


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I hope everyone is better soon! Your Moses basket (in the post below) reminds me of the one we used for my daughter. Now that she is two and a half, I can't imagine her fitting in there! Best wishes for the home stretch!

  2. Hope everyone is feeling better. This winter seems to have hit every family hard with sicknesses. I also had the stomach virus when I was pregnant. Keep up the good work!

  3. oh so sorry you have been sick. i know that is miserable. glad you are one the mend.


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