Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Who Do You Know?

Nan has a fun linky up to participate in today ... the question is "who do you know" in blogland, and the optional tag-a-long question of who you would like to know. :-) Now Nan is a new to me blogger, however, I went to college with her husband (not a close friend, but I definitely recognized pictures of him!)

This spurs me to share a photo of my friend Leah, who is fairly new to blogging. She and I roomed together the fall semester of our senior year ... both of us social studies education majors!

Stephanie & Leah

I've had the privilege of meeting several bloggy friends ... most I have met through the Women at Home ministry which I've been part of for about two years now! You can see pics from a recent W@H gathering here. I think that's the third(?) time I've seen Dana, and maybe the 2nd to hook-up with Say-ruh. Lauren and I run into each other a little more often since we live in the same town, and her Dad and my Dad are photography geeks buddies and her folks go to my church. Maria and Vicki were first-time meet-ups. :) I've also met several others from Women at Home: Leann, Nattie, Becky, Jojo, Heather, Skipper, Stacey ... who am I leaving out ... I didn't realize that I'd met so many!

Then, of course, I have had the privilege of dinner with Blest when she and her family were traveling through town on their way home:

Blogger Meeting

And Meredith and I have crossed paths a time or two trading tiny girl clothes and toys for busy preschoolers!

There are way too many that I would like to meet up with IRL to list them all so I won't even go there. :) (Like Cheri, Katherine, BooMama - although I really think I just want BooMama to feed me...) Really, the list is just ridiculous if I put everyone on there). :)

If you play along with this, leave your linky over at Nan's, and let me know so I can come read your post!


  1. Hope you don't mind that I popped over to Nan's site and participated. Thanks.

  2. It's such a small world. We'll have to get together before Baby Girl comes if you're feeling up to it. Not that you don't have plenty to do already. I thought of you at the library- a VERY expectant (due in 15 days) Mom was there with her little boy.

  3. Wow! You know a ton of bloggers! :^D Very cool. Thanks for the link back too. It's fun seeing who all participates.

  4. Hey! I'm glad I didn't get on your nerves! Love that picture!


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