Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Felicities ::: October 2


This week's Friday Felicities is focused on my biggest girlie - N1 - as we prepared to celebrate her 6th birthday this weekend! These are things about her that make me happy. :)

  • thankful for the gift of N1 herself
  • her love for writing stories
  • her amazing smile when it is in full bloom
  • her unbridled enthusiasm and loyalty to those she loves
  • how much she LOVES to read and have her nose stuck in a book
  • the way her blanket has to be just so at night
  • that it doesn't take much to make her happy - some chicken nuggets and ketchup, a few doritos. She's not hard to please. :)
  • she is a great big sister

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    1. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous Girlie!!

    2. happy birthday noelle! she is just a lil cutie!

    3. Love the pictures and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    4. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Happy Birthday, N1! I hope you have a GREAT day!!

    5. A little brunette who loves to read? Reminds me of myself. I only wish I were as cute as she.

      Happy Birthday!


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