Monday, October 05, 2009

This Weekend

This picture about sums up our weekend.

Lots of time running errands with Daddy. (Which is WAY more fun that errands with Mommy).
Church Fall Festival.
Face painting.
Three helpings of cotton candy.
More birthday.
Exhausted sugar induced slumber.
Sunday church.
More birthday with grandparents, aunt/uncle, cousins.
A family run in the van to take trash to the dump, in the rain.
A couple errands. One to Toys R Us with a birthday gift card.
And, again, the sweet sugar induced slumber that marks a happy childhood.

It's been a good weekend. I even managed to get a couple unheard of hours on our back deck, 70* degree weather, with a diet coke and good book before the Fall Festival while the little girls were napping and N1 was with her Daddy.

Today, it's back to our regular routine with the addition of some unpleasant dentistry this afternoon (part 1 of some crown work for me). On the plus side, we are having dinner with my friend and her family (she's keeping the girls while I'm at the dentist) and we're pooling our resources to feed everyone. That will definitely have this day ending on a high note. :)


  1. Ahh....sugar induced slumber! =D

    And BLECK on the dentist. I HATE going to the dentist. Hate it! I will pray that everything goes smoothly for you, involves little (no!) discomfort and that it moves quickly so as not to drag on the agony. (At least, agony is what it is for me!)

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Happy Birthday Noelle!!
    We had sugar induced sleep, too, after the FF.

  3. Hate that you have to do the dentist thing. Truly....

    Birthday girl looks like she had WAAAAY too much fun.

  4. Reading about your weekend has made me VERY tired!!! So glad y'all had a great weekend enjoying your darling daughter!


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