Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Measure of Mercy by Lauraine Snelling

When this book appeared on my review list, I jumped at the chance. I have long been a fan of Snelling's North Dakota series of books, and this is the first installment of a new series featuring the same characters. In this book, Astrid struggles with knowing what God would have her do ... go to Chicago for more medical training or stay home? Go to Africa and serve on the mission field or return home? She also wrestles through questions she has about her faith, wondering why some of her patients still die, even when she has prayed and prayed over them?
If you like historical fiction, these books set it North Dakota are excellent! I have enjoyed every single one of them and am thrilled to add another to my shelf.

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A Measure of Mercy

Bethany House (October 1, 2009)


Lauraine Snelling


Eighteen-year-old Astrid Bjorklund has always dreamed of becoming a doctor. She had intended to study medicine in Chicago or Grand Forks, but when a disaster wiped out a major portion of her family's income, Astrid stayed home instead, receiving hands-on training from Dr. Elizabeth.

Joshua Landsverk left Blessing two years ago, but he's never forgotten Astrid. Returning to town, he seeks to court her.

Astrid is attracted to him, and when the opportunity unexpectedly opens for her to go to Chicago for medical training, she finds it difficult to leave. Love blossoms through their letters, but upon arriving back home, she makes a heartbreaking discovery. She learns he's left town--again. Believing Joshua no longer loves her, Astrid makes an impetuous, heart-wrenching decision.

Will she regret the choice she's made? Will she have to give up love to pursue her dream?

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Measure of Mercy, go HERE

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  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    My college roommate recommended Lauraine Snelling's books to me and I still haven't gotten around to reading anything by her. Now that I have yet another recommendation, I really need to find one of her books or at the very least read a chapter online to see if I'd like her.


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