Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Felicities :: October 9


  • Libraries and books on hold waiting for me to pick up
  • memorizing verses with N1
  • that while I now have a stellar head cold, I didn't catch the flue that T & N2 did
  • for full cabinets and cupboards which folks were under the weather
  • the privilege of praying for and with friends, both in person and online
  • fall temperatures (the high tomorrow is 64*!)
  • family movie nights
  • going to bed early-ish and sleeping all through the night

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  1. i think i might have commented this before, but not only will studying the bible with your girls have a huge spiritual impact on their lives, it will give them such an advantage if they ever choose to study English literature. so much of literature alludes to the Bible and it is helpful to have passages, time lines, parables, and Psalms committed to memory. makes me wish i would have tried a bit harder in awana!

  2. Lovely list. We have started the first Mysterious Benedict Society. And I have been taking Emergen-C to boost my immune system since I have one sickie and one post surgical in my home. Lurve the praying part and the books on hold part. Anticipation. :)

  3. Here's to Emergen-C alright! And MBS: 3! Oh yes!

  4. I love our on-line library catalog and putting books on hold! Makes the library so much more fun. :)

  5. Lovely list, Stephanie! I hope everyone in your home gets well soon!


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