Friday, December 10, 2010

Are you feeling the merry?

Are you feeling merry? Or stressed by the holiday season? I am feeling the merry, but I think I have about hit my limit of evening activities for a while. We have had something every. single. night. this week which is highly unusual for us - especially after coming off the end of a pregnancy where I didn't do much of anything, plus the last 8 weeks of medically advised slowing down (which I happily complied with). : ) I'm not disgruntled (not at all!) but feeling the need to do a little Friday Felicities list to keep my eyes on happies as we have two more days of busy before a few days of downtime.
  • Grandma's chex mix, in big gallon size bags that now sit on my counter.
  • a husband that took me (and the 4 kids) shopping, at the MALL (at Christmastime no less), and bought some clothes for this post-baby Mama.
  • for Sonic diet Sprites with cranberry in them.
  • for our humble little Christmas tree. It's not fancy or coordinated, but it's home-y and makes me happy.
  • for maybe coming to a decision about making an offer on a house?? Maybe?? More on this later...
  • for little three year olds that are stretching their limits and testing their boundaries, but are so stinkin' cute that it all balances out in the end.
  • for coffee in the morning. Always.
What are your happies this fine day? Hope you have plans for a wonderful December weekend with lots of merry as well!


  1. MERRY Christmas to you, dear Stephanie! You're a blessing in my life.

  2. =) I'm feeling the merry. Tonight is our big Christmas open house and so I've been baking up a storm and am getting the house as ready as I can!

  3. Laura Lee10:35 AM

    A house!!! In what area???

  4. Thinking I might get to Sonic for a cranberry sprite. Nothing says festive like the drive-in.


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