Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Early December Daybook

Outside my Window ... sunny and COLD! We've had snow flurries the last three mornings and that makes me so happy. I am very much a cold weather person and the fact that I haven't had to wait until January or February to see a little snow is a good thing.

I am thinking ... that I should be doing things other than making this bloggy list, but I'm not. However, I am allowing myself about 10 minutes to sit her and capture a bit of life and then it's back to work. Spare time to blog has been few and far between of late.

I am thankful for ... the energy that I have had lately. Truly, for the most part, now that I'm 8 weeks past baby and about 2 1/2 past surgery, I'm feeling almost back to normal. Still a few twinges when I twist the wrong way where they repaired the hernia and I'm supposed to watch the amount of bending that I do for a bit ... otherwise, I am feeling almost 100%.

In the learning room ... Busy, busy we are. At home, we are continuing to plug along with the regular school work that I do with Noelle: language arts, math, Bible, etc., however, she also (on her own initiative) asked if we could do a lapbook! The timing worked out perfectly as I was given a chance to receive and review a new Download N Go unit study called Creation Camoflage and we are doing it as we have time. (My review will be up next week and I'll have a copy to give away). At her tutorial, they are moving into Christmas party season (along with her regular science and social studies) and she is participating in a Little House Christmas event next Monday that sounds very fun - I'm hoping to remember my camera when I go and take lots of pictures. In her science, she is studying taste buds and told me about the different tastes that your tongue can ... taste, ie. sweet, sour, salty, and in social studies, she just finish a mini geography unit that resulted in her being able to name and locate all 7 continents on map.

School has been going well of late and it has had me dreaming (already!) of next year when I will have a 2nd grader and a kindergartener to school ... and pre-K and 1 year old to keep busy as well. Maybe it's a good thing I am thinking about this so early. : ) Also, in other school news, Noelle had her first school picture taken last week. This happened two days before her picture:

Poor girl was VERY self-conscious about her eye (which turned a splendid purple on picture day). It runs in the family sadly. I have a first grade picture with a skinned up face from a playground fall myself, but that wasn't much comfort to Noelle.

From the kitchen ... Christmas baking is in the works although not much as been done as of yet. We have made one batch of pretzel hugs and have plans for a few more to give away and I am dying to make a batch of my Grandma's chex mix. Last weekend I made egg nog cheesecake for my niece's birthday and I kinda want to try that recipe again, with a little tweaking with the spices. (My niece loves eggnog and has called it Christmas milk ever since she was little-bitty. She turns 13 tomorrow - ai yi yi).

I am creating ... I am working on a December Daily album but it has been slow going to find time to work on it much this year. I had a plan and had the beginnings of a direction for my album but it has been more complicated that I anticipated and that has been frustrating when I don't have a lot of time to work on it as it is. So, I'm sort-of switching gears about a week into it and we'll just see what turns out. It may not be pretty, but I ALWAYS am thankful that I record snippets in December to look back on.

I am going ... for a Christmas haircut today, along with the three girls. Part of me is really ready for a change and the possibility of some cool Mom hair, but I am nervous about changing it up too much. We shall just see!

I am wearing ... (shhh) I'm still in my jammies (big t-shirt and sleep pants). We jumped headfirst into school + laundry + plus life today and I haven't stopped to get real clothes on yet. I promise to do so before going to get my haircut. : )

I am reading ... with the girls: Tumtum & Nutmeg (we're almost done!) as well as lots of Christmas stories. I just finished Emily of Deep Valley (excellent!!!) and am currently working through Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson. I have a couple fiction books from the library (one is Redwall that I want to preview for Noelle) so I may start that next. Or I may read Emily again!

I am hoping ... to finish all the rest of my medical/dental stuff in the next week or so. I'm so done and over being poked and prodded.

I am hearing ... the sounds of little girls that want to get up from their rest time before it is time.

Around the house ... um, it's kind of jumbled looking right at the moment. Lots of laundry in process (lots and lots!), a smattering of toys in our big room, and some school things strewn about in different spots where we've been working today. However, on the plus side, there is also a very pretty Christmas tree up in one corner and that makes me happy in the evening when the lights are turned down.

One of my favorite things ... sitting up at night rocking and feeding my baby with the Christmas lights one. Love, love, love this.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... lots of good things over the rest of this week. Tonight are haircuts for the girls in the family, Wednesday is the last Awana night for the girls before Christmas so there will be festivities then, Thursday is a girl scout cookie decorating party for the oldest, and Friday is a Christmas party for the adults (and Ethan who will be tagging along). Saturday and Sunday are last rehearsals and our church's Christmas program which is always a special event. This is our big week for lots of evening activities ... next week is a little slower although my husband and I are both in a wedding the following weekend which will make it a little crazy. Good crazy, though. : )

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ...

Really, I can hardly stand how cute he is. And in overalls? He is such a good baby. : )


  1. =D Ok, where to start?

    I guess I'll go from end to beginning. Love the smiles your little boy gives you!

    Your Christmas tree looks lots of fun!

    I ALWAYS stay in my pj's as long as possible!

    Can't wait to hear what you decided to do in terms of a haircut.

    One year before picture day at school (when pictures were SUDDENLY announced) I had been outside all day long and had a TERRIBLE sunburn. We didnt purchase any of those pictures! =D

  2. Love, love, love the pictures of Ethan in the post and in your sidebar of him laughing!

    Love getting updated on your life! I'll be seeing you at a couple of events soon & will be excited to see what new Mommy hair you'll be coming up with.

    See you soon, friend.

  3. Yay, you have colored lights too! I think they're festive and homey and they've grown on me. I used to be a white light girl until I had kids, then I got outvoted.


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