Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Daily, Days 13 & 14

Just some journaling today about our unexpected snow day!

The two elements on top ("Today You" and the "14") are both from Elle's Studio. The "Today You" I purchased digitally from her shop at Jessica Sprague's and the "14" I purchased at her regular shop preprinted. This day turned out crazy and busy due to an unplanned trip to the dr. (for our strep diagnosis) and Target for a prescription. I was glad I had taken the time to write down a few notes to remember it - nursing the baby every time I turned around, all the LAUNDRY I was doing with sick girls, dr. appointments and school, etc., etc. : )

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  1. Sounds like our girls were sick at the same time! My Best Girl woke up with strep on the Sunday morning of the snow. She didn't have to miss school on Monday because they were out anyway. Hope everyone is well at your house now!


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