Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Daily, Days 1 & 2

As I get time, I'm going to try and post a few pics of my December Daily album that I am working on. This year it is SUPER simple. And to be honest, the pictures that I'm taking of it aren't even that good (I'm not taking too much time with lighting and placement). However, I know the time that I spend taking just a few moments to record our memories of December 2010 will be well worth it when we look back on it.

As you can see the album is looseleaf right now. I'm not sure how I will bind it ... probably either with my bind-it-all or binder rings. Again, nothing fancy. I'm finding that with the baby this year, that as long as I get my page done each day (or fairly soon after each day), I'm pleased. I'll worry about hooking it all together later. : ) I'm even printing the pictures on my home printer (which isn't really a photo printer). Again, keeping it simple; just a quick print to capture the memory and marking it.

Day 1: The paper and number on this page is from the wrapping on one of our Christmas books. This year, I wrapped all our Christmas stories (and some from the library!) and we're opening one a day and reading them. Truth moment: we're a few days behind on reading our stories even though we've been opening them each day. Hoping to catch up today.

Day 2: Just a little photo of the boy in a Christmas outfit that a friend passed on to us. He fit into this "Baby's First Christmas" outfit for all of about 34 seconds (literally) and we moved it to the bag to pass on to someone else.

You can click each picture to see it bigger.

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  1. LOL on the 34 second outfit! We had some of those with our son. And my brother, who was a big baby as well, had more than my mom could count! That's really funny.

    Simple is good.


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