10 Pins on the 10th // The Spring (March) Edition

For today ... a listy. Ten things that have caught my eye online over the past few weeks taken straight from my boards at Pinterest. (Pinterest is like a visual bulletin board online to store and catalog things you find on various websites. Genius. Totally helping me keep on track of all those links or ideas I want to save but never keep up with). I've linked my Pinterest over on the right if you are on there and interested in following. : )
I keep a pinboard of those things (crafts, recipes, etc.) that I have tested and tried (and were good) here.
1 & 2. Garlic chicken and cream cheese chicken chili. Both made recently. Both GOOD.
3 & 4. Both on the menu for Sunday lunch. The lemon bars were just ok for me but the potatoes are definitely keepers!!
5 – 9. Spring plans for the munchkins. Not sure I’ll get to all of these, but this is what has caught my eye so far:
5. Lime sherbert + sprite. Seems like a win-win combination to me. : )
6. The cuteness of strawberries covered with orange colored chocolate. Will go perfectly with a Beatrix Potter unit.
7. Totally going to try coloring eggs this year with kool-aid.
8. And using muffin tins? Brilliant.
9. I wished my kids liked smores – I would totally make these. As it stands, I would have to eat all of them. (They like the
ingredients for smores but not all smushed together).
And 10. My little guy might need these. I can hardly stand the cuteness. : )

Carrie, please note that in consideration of you, there isn’t any chocolate + peanut butter anywhere on this list. : )
Linking up with Shimelle's 10 on the 10th for this month. Happy pinning!


  1. I haven't braved dying eggs. I guess I'm too chicken. Ha!ha!ha! The garlic chicken looks fabulous!

  2. The orange chocolate covered strawberries are simply genius.


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