Project Life Week 9 // February 26–March 3

Week 9. Note to self: busy bedspread not the best spot for photos. : )
This week was crazy busy. In addition to our normal weekly evening activities, somehow I managed to schedule the week so that we were out of the house almost every single day. It was good week but whew …. I’m glad this week has been more normal so far!
The left side:
  • the top picture is just a random shot of the all the toys the girls had hauled outside Sunday afternoon. We had a little friend over after church and now that the weather is warming up, more things are hauled outside the play with. This was the remains of some sort of picnic with berries and leaves from our bushes, though none were actually ingested. : )
  • B’s playdate with her friend. (So thankful for friends that send me pictures to include in my album!)
  • Tuesday was super full. B had her first soccer practice and we celebrated a friend’s son’s birthday at our small group that night. I wanted to include all of that so I had to get a little creative. You can see it better below, but I added a square picture of B getting ready to go to soccer on top of a picture T sent me from her practice. (And, 4 year old girls playing soccer? Cutest. thing. ever.)
Watercolor notes from here.
Today card with the rainbow arrow is a freebie from here.
I added a 6x6 insert with a couple extra pictures of my friend’s new baby. : ) Honestly, I thought I had bought 4x6 inserts so when I pulled them out of the package I had to do breakout some old baby girl-ish scrapbooking paper to fill out the sleeve!
And, as you can also see, I forgot that I hadn’t finished the journaling on the back when I was taking pictures. Oops. Will knock that out today. : ) The “amazing” card is from Plucky Momo.
The right side:
  • friends.
  • our visit to the hospital to see the sweet baby.
  • the ominous clouds that were rolling in on Friday.
  • a busy, busy Saturday – one of those days that Mama and Daddy had to divide and conquer to get everything done. He went one direction with N1 to a chess tournament; I went the other direction with the three littles to run a few errands and get the boy’s haircut. (He was NOT a fan, but doesn’t he look so big!)
Words and pictures this week. Nothing fancy in the way that I’m approaching this project, but memories are getting written down. That’s the cool thing.
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  1. Sigh. You are preserving such sweet memories. I love your work on this!

  2. Love it, as always! Your friend's new baby is beautiful! And your little man looks so big! Yiu've inspired me to print out a picture dh took of our ominous clouds on Friday. My problem is that I always have too many pictures!


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