Project Life Week 10 // March 4-10

Week 10 in our family’s Project Life album. A little disjointed this week as it seems all the pictures I took were either on Tuesday or Saturday of last week. The week lacks a little of its chronological flow, but all the pics I wanted to include made the cut so it’s all good. : )
On the left:
  • T and the girls playing a game of Monopoly in the evening. I admit it. By the time we were done with dinner that night, I just wasn’t up to a game of Monopoly with the girls. I was pooped. Daddy jumped in and saved the day while I took the boy (and eventually B) upstairs to hang out and play and straighten up. Teamwork. : )
  • A photo from N1’s chess club. 4-on-4 chess. I never heard of such a thing but thought it looked crazy cool.
  • A random breakfast photo. N2 loves eggs (especially egg sandwiches) and I don’t mind making them for her because it keeps her full until lunch.
On my title card I included a small photo of what took the bulk of my free time one day. Sorting clothes that we currently had, had been given, and what we need to get rid of. Glad to have that behind me for this season.
A journaling card shot. The “recorded” card is foldover card with some personal info from T’s annual review at work, including his current salary information he brought home in a printout. I cut it down and glued it inside … I think in 10-20 years, the girls will find it interesting what their Dad made at work in 2012 and be able to compare it to current salaries. The numbered journaling card was a freebie but now you can buy it here.
I had one insert this week. I used a Design B Project Life insert and cut it down. The bottom left photo is a vertical 4x6 that I didn’t have a spot for, so I cut it in half and ran it across two journaling spots.
The back side was all abut B’s first soccer game!
On the right:
  • a photo of N1 on a sick day. Sprite + kindle + blanket.
  • What we are reading … lots of Beatrix Potter!
  • The girls singing at a music team rehearsal/fellowship at our house last Friday night. When T has microphones plugged in and available, these two are not far off.
  • A photo of the sisters that I took when I was trying to snap the boy’s 17 month photos. (See, they eventually do stand still for photos again). I spliced together a little photo + digital journaling card I had in my stash from Crystal Wilkerson’s summer kit and called it good.
Up close on the journaling cards.
“What I (heart) right now” is from Paislee Press.
Another week in the bag. : )
This week, I had to reorder page protectors for my album. When I started out in January, all that was in stock was the small pack of Design A which is what I use for my weekly layouts. (I’ll use my last pages from that pack to capture week 11). When I went to reorder, Amazon was out of both the small and large pack of Design A (large is now back IN stock), so I ordered the big variety pack. I’ll get another 10 weeks of my basic weekly layout pages + all sorts of other pages that I can play around with for inserts. Looking forward to getting to play with them soon. : )
Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins and available on It can be anything you want it to be. You can view all my posts about Project Life here. I'm always happy to answer questions about how Project Life works for me, if you have any.


  1. Oh, goodie! You got to play! I love how you cut your vertical pictures to include them in the insert. Ugh--sorting clothes! Been doing that little by little around here, too--fun times! ;-). What a great idea to include unfo. about T.'s work! You know, my weeks are usually chronologically jumbled, and I don't think I mind too much. I really like this layout. :-)

    I've got to order pages and stuff, too, at least in a few weeks (or maybe I should stalk Amazon and get them when they're in stock)! I've been using the ones from my failed P365 venture from several years ago. I think I might try the variety pack, too, though that will make it more complicated when it comes to picking out photos, I suppose. So many choices!

    Have a great Friday!

  2. Your PL is beautiful a real treasure to keep for the future.... Love your hand writing too.... :)


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