Soccer Saturday

B is playing soccer this spring. This is take 2 on soccer for the Shepherd girls. N1 played when she was in kindergarten and wasn’t terribly impressed with it. Not enough reading to suit her. Smile

B, however, is a different girl.


She’s playing on a pre-K / 4 & 5 year old girls team and if there is anything much cuter than a bunch of little girls in pigtails running around playing soccer, I haven’t seen it today.


She ran the whole time she was in the game with a smile on her face


All action, all the time.


Both feet off the ground.


We were so proud of how she did in her first game and can’t wait for next Saturday.

P.S. She scored a goal, too. Smile

P.P.S. Photos 1, 2, 3, 5 were courtesy of Grandpa. Smile


  1. So cute!!! We've not played soccer. Which is a little shocking since Daddy grew up in Asia and Africa and loves "football." I love the last picture. She looks VERY intent on kicking that ball!

  2. The pigtails! Gaa!!

  3. Look at that cutie! My girls have played soccer a few times, and I agree--there's not much cuter than the little ones running around (sort of) after the ball. Love it!

  4. She sure is cute! I've been thinking that her kindred spirit over here should try soccer -- I'm thinking we might try it in the fall!


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