Project Life Week 8 // February 19 - 25

Week 8. As opposed to last week, this week didn’t come together quickly. Extra minutes were in short supply this week as it was extra busy one so I mostly ended up doing a card or two at a time in bits and spurts. In the end, I don’ t know that I think the page flows as well (or is as pretty to my eye) as the weeks where I have squirrelled away an hour or so to work on it in a big chunk. That said, I am still thankful to having this week captured in my album. : )
On the left:
  • N1 and T having a guitar lesson on Sunday evening. She’s starting to show some interest and he’s willing to teach her so it’s a good combination.
  • Our Monday President’s Day activities in a little “photoshopped” collage.
  • Doesn’t the Dad at your house serenade everyone on ukulele while you clean up dinner dishes? I thought so. : )
Up close of our collage. The penmanship lined journaling card came from this Project Life school journaling kit by Plucky Momo.
Love you card is from Elise Hernandez.
B wrote her first note to a friend (and I think I still have the friend’s copy here somewhere – oops) so of course I copied it for the album. It reads: “Dear Sarah, I wish I can come to your house Sarah. Love Betsy.” And yes, she did get to go to her friend’s house and they had a fabulous time! Pictures of that coming in next week’s PL. : ) Of note as well, and I need to write this on her letter somewhere … B has finally figured out how to spell her name. For the longest time, she has spelled it both backwards and with an extra “e” in there, i.e. y-e-s-t-e-b. *sniff* She’s turning into a big girl. Smile
On the back of the 8 1/2 x 11 insert is another piece of B art. She was drawing pictures of friends and telling me who they were as she coloring them. I love that Jesus is in the midst of them all. : )
On the right:
  • a totally unstaged photo of me reading that N1 snapped with my phone. (4x6 card was a freebie from here).
  • B & N2 reading a book together.
  • a photo that some dear family friends emailed us – miss them much.
  • N1 and friend’s littlest guy – they hit it off on a recent outing.
The tape is to hide a few names just in case they would prefer them not on the blog.
It’s hard to catch photos of this one sleeping anymore.
The right side. The green zigzag card was a freebie from here. (I think you have to be a fan of her FB page to get the freebie).
I'll be linking up with Jessica at the Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday because I actually have a week finished in time to share on Tuesday!
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  1. Love it all. As always! How neat to be entertained by the ukulele while prepping supper! :-). Love the note by B. (& the picture!). I know what you mean about working in bits & pieces of time--that's how my work usually feels.

  2. as of late...we have been serenaded by msndolin...:+) miss those good friends...this is such a cool project!!

  3. What a great capture of your week. the simplicity of your pages makes me happy and the cutie pie drawing is AWESOME! I'm planning on adding kid stuff this week. Happy Project Life!

  4. What a great week! Love the "love this about you" card & the story/pic of your hubby serenading with the ukelele. What a precious memory!

    Thanks for the links to the journaling cards. Will have to check them out!

  5. Awesome pages!! Love the serenading by your hubby! so cute!! My cats yeowls at the whole time I am cooking dinner and then after I am done she looks at me
    like "where's mine..I sang for my supper!...ha ha! I alos lovethe above shot of the kids reading...Wonderful memoires of the week ...great job!

  6. You seriously have the most pretty handwriting! Great photos.

  7. You have the best handwriting! Good to see additions from your kids too.


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