17 Months


You will notice the hint of blur in all these photos. That’s because he is always. always. moving.


He now has a name for each of the “sissies”. “Oh-woah”, “Nat”, and “Be-be”. As of yesterday, we still had one little girl that was very sad that he hadn’t come up with a name for her yet, but he redeemed himself by saying her name over dinner last night. : )

He’s been on a little 2-3 week stretch of waking up at night again. I’m blaming it on the giant molars that have come through. Seriously. They are humongous. I never had lots of teething issues with the girls – the occasional fever, runny nose – but this boy knows how to teeth. Thankful that it seems most of that is behind us now … for the time being. : )


And we’re off!



  1. Oh! He looks so BIG! What a cutie! Love the names for his sissies.

  2. Oh, the poor Sissy who did not yet have a name. I'm glad he said it. I imagine that was cause for much rejoicing in your household!

    He is so cute.

  3. Is it just me or is he growing incredibly fast? Sooo cute!

  4. Sometimes, the blurry photos share the story so much better. He's a cutie for sure!

  5. So cute!! Love the bare little piggie toes!!


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