Early Spring Reading List

I had a hard time settling on books for N1’s (2nd grade) early spring reading list. There wasn’t anything that jumped out at me, and her interests weren’t spurring on any inspirational ideas either.

I ended up just reaching for some of my trusty reading lists that I keep in my planner and picking five books that we hadn’t read yet.

1. Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. I actually finished this one at the beginning of March and it’s a sweet story with a vintage air about it. There are several sequels (and you can find this one free or very cheap for Kindle).

2. The Boxcar Children. A book that has been sitting on her shelf for sometime. Amy has reported recently that her daughter (and N1’s penpal) has been devouring these, so I stuck it on the list as well. She read this in two sittings yesterday.

3. The Light Princess. (George MacDonald) She says that she has listened to this already on audio (prior to this reading list), but I’d still like her to read it. Not one I’ll die over though since she’s already listened to it.

4. Doctor Doolittle. This is one that she was already reading on her Kindle when I made the list, so I went ahead and put it on there to give her a little jump start on one her books. (Of course, as soon as I did that, she moved on to something else without finishing it, but I have hopes that she’ll go back to it and complete it.) Smile

5. Heidi. Another classic that I’ve never read. She’s read an abridged copy of this (I think?) but is ready for the full version.

6. The book of John. This is a first for me to put a book of the Bible on there. She has a Bible study that she(we) is part of of that is studying the book of Acts. With Easter coming up in a few weeks, I was curious as to whether she would be interested in reading this on her own.

Pretty soon it will be time to start thinking about her late Spring/start of summer reading list! Not that these aren’t fun, but I’m hoping to put some special summertime reading on there for her, and am already pondering that list. Any suggestions?


  1. I love that you do this. I'm laughing at the fact that she moved on to something else as soon as you put Doolittle on the list. Whenever MY mother put a book on my list, I instantly wanted to read something else. (Not saying that's what your daughter is doing. I'm just confessing my own orneriness!

  2. Hmmmm. . . thinking here. . . .I just gave Lulu Poppy by Avi, but I confess I didn't preview it (gasp!). It's about a deer mouse and her adventures in the forest where she lives. Doesn't N1like animal stories? There's a whole series of these. I, too, have a hard time coming up with assigned reading, though it's something I think is important for Lulu so she doesn't read the same things over and over and over. (Yes, she's still stuck on Boxcar Children!). I'll have to look at her list for more inspiration.

  3. Boxcar Children are a huge hit around here. How do you feel about the Chronicles of Narnia? My 8 yr old boy has read them several times and loves them. Trixie Belden, or is that also too old for her?

    I love that you do a list. I need to do something like to encourage my #2 boy to read. He can do it, just doesn't have a big interest yet.

    1. She's read several of the Narnia ones on her own (and we have them all on audio) so I'm totally fine with those. I've not read Trixie, so I don't know about those. I have the entire Nancy Drew series and I'm just waiting for the day that she dives into one of those - that will keep her busy for quite a while! : )

  4. I always liked Tricie better than Nancy, but the kids in the Tricie books are older and act it, though certainly not by today's standards. I mean, some if them are in high school! Still, I'll be fine handing them over to my girls by the time they're ten or so. Nancy Drew is still a bit too suspenseful/scary for Lulu yet, I think.


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