End of the Day...

I never post this late . . . and it's not even really late. Women's Bible study this morning, printing manuels all afternoon, and Community Group (Cell Group) this evening. The dogs are on the floor wrestling and I am in the mood to watch my favorite movie of all time - Star Wars. My brain is ready to check out for a few hours.

So . . . in order to avoid the deep thoughts swirling and that I want to ruminate on internally for bit, something stolen from both Sara & Stacy. Can I also just how much I have recently been enjoying Sara's posts - especially this one.

I AM: tired
I WANT: popcorn, Diet Coke and a comfy chair
I HAVE: water on my shirt from washing the dishes
I WISH: my tshirt was dry :-)
I HATE: rudeness
I MISS: letters in the mail
I FEAR: displeasing others when I am honest with them
I HEAR: my dogs wrestling and yapping at eat other
I SEARCH FOR: righteousness
I WONDER: when we will be pregnant again?
I REGRET: not saying something to someone that I know I should have said
I LOVE: being home all day and not going anywhere!
I ACHE: in my right foot - think I'm developing arthritis... :-(
I AM NOT: wearing makeup
I DANCE: with my baby
I SING: soprano, loudly.
I CRY: a lot, very emotional
I AM NOT ALWAYS: crying though. Love to laugh.
I WRITE: to remember
I CONFUSE: my husband
I NEED: a back massage. No, I really neeeeeeeeeeeed one.
I SHOULD: get off the computer and put in my Star Wars tape.


EDIT: I have 6 invites for gmail email accounts if anyone is interested. If so let me know . . . free to the first 6 requests! :-)


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